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Understanding the Role of Communicative Intentions inWord Learning

whereas humans typically begin to engage in some rudimentary form of joint attention...doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199245635.003.0008Mark A. Sabbagh...Understanding the role of communicative intentions inword learning, In N...

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Lexical-perceptual integration influences sensorimotor adaptation in speech

relative to [ε]-words (0.006 vs. 0.003) decrease the frequency of all vowel formants ...ACOUSTIC ANALYSES For each word production in the...

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Phonological competition within the word: Evidence from the phoneme similarity effect in spoken production

0.0028 0.0030 0.0035 <0.0001 0.0031 0.0017 t 285.5 À1.8 ...propose that frequent syllables may stored in a 'precom- piled' form, with...

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