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In vivo quantification of human lumbar disc degeneration using T1ρ-weighted magnetic resonance imaging

28. Pedowitz D, Auerbach J, Gibson B, Vresilovic EJ, Guerin HL, Johannessen W, Rogers D, Elliott DM (2005) Correlation of MRI and gross morphologic grading of lumbar ... 40. Wheaton AJ, Borthakur A, Dodge GR, Kneeland JB, Schumacher ...

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Phylogeny of Discomycetes and Early Radiations of the Apothecial Ascomycotina Inferred from SSU rDNA Sequence Data

Gargas, A., and Taylor, J. W. 1995. Phylogeny of discomycetes and early radiations of the apothecial Ascomycotina inferred from SSU rDNA sequence data...

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4-hydroxy-2-nonenal, a reactive product of lipid peroxidation, and neurodegenerative diseases: a toxic combination illuminated by re...

65. Economou A, Papageorgiou SG, Karageorgiou C, and Vassilopoulos D. Nonepisodic memory deficits in amnestic MCI. ...Neurobiol Aging 19: 33–36, 1998. 126. Markesbery WR, Schmitt FA, Kryscio RJ, Davis DG, Smith CD, and Wekstein ... D...

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Concrete batching pre-mixer and method

(a) a liquid wetting agent flow control valve for controlling the rate of distribution of liquid wetting agent to said ...silos; and this aspect, while important to dust reduction in batch plants, does not form a part of the present...

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Modest effect of p53, EGFR and HER-2/neu on prognosis in epithelial ovarian cancer: a meta-analysis

(Suppl 2): S19 – S32 Berchuck A, Kamel A, Whitaker R, Kerns B, Olt G, Kinney R, Soper JT, Dodge R, Clarke...PLoS Med 5: 1749 – 1760 Konstantinidou AE, Korkolopoulou P, Vassilopoulos I, Tsenga A, Thymara I, Agapitos E...Eur J Gynaeco...

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Volume ejected in early systole. A sensitive index of left ventricular performance in coronary artery disease

The last frame in which the aortic valve was visualized in the closed position was assumed to be the end of the PEP...Ventricular volumes were measured using the single plane area-length method of Dodge.12 A calibrated metal grid film...

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Noninvasive quantification of human nucleus pulposus pressure with use of T1rho-weighted magnetic resonance imaging.

1998;39:697-701. 12. Wheaton AJ, Dodge GR, Borthakur A, Kneeland JB, Schumacher HR, Reddy R. Detection of changes in articular cartilage proteoglycan by T(1rho) magnetic reso-...Nguyen AM, Johannessen W, Yoder JH, Wheaton AJ, Vresilov...

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Die Konstitution von Brefeldin A

ABSTRACT The constitution of Brefeldin A, a mold metabolite from Penicillium brefeldianum DODGE, has been elucidated as 1 by chemical degradation.

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Preliminary Checklist of Lichens Reported from Wyoming

(Eversman 1998, NPLichen 2011), the Black Hills (Wetmore 1967, NPLichen 2011 for Devil's Tower NM), and the Big ...Ach. Lecanora laxa (Śliwa & Wetmore) Printzen Lecanora marginata (Schaerer) Hertel & Rambold Lecanora meridionalis...F...

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Application of the Convergence-Confinement method of tunnel design to rock masses that satisfy the Hoek-Brown failure criterion

(1998). Where such information is not available, the LDP can be constructed from numerical models considering the same elasto-plastic parameters used in construction ofthe Ground Reaction...In the commercial spreadsheet program Excel ...

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