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Quantitative Concepts in Fifth-GradeSocial-Studies Textbooks

quantitative concepts in fifth-gradesocial-studies textbooks

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A Case Grammar Analysis of the Representation of African-Americans in Current FifthGradeSocialStudies Textbooks.

The portrayal of ethnic minorities in American history textbooks has been examined over recent years by numerous researchers (Banks, 1969; Agostino and ...

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Process Drama in One Fifth-GradeSocialStudies Class

The purpose of this study was to describe a group of fifthgrade students as they engaged in process drama during their socialstudies class. The author...

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The purpose of this study was to use a multi-case study design to describe the inclusion of multicultural theory in both the elementary socialstudies curricula and supporting student texts of six school districts in the Midwest. This...

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資訊素養融入國小五年級社會學習領域─以選賢與能主題為例 | Integrating Information Literacy into the Fifth-GradeSocialStudies Curric...

資訊素養融入國小五年級社會學習領域─以選賢與能主題為例 | Integrating Information Literacy into the Fifth-GradeSocialStudies Curriculum: An Example of Electing a Right Person 林菁、洪美齡 Lin Chin Chen、Meei Ling Horng Full-Text Cit...

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An evaluation of levels of cognitive learning in a unit of fifthgradesocialstudies. [microform]

Abstract Thesis--University of Southern California. Includes bibliography. Microfilm of typescript. s

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Artistic Representations in Three Fifth-GradeSocialStudies Textbooks

Current editions of socialstudies textbooks include reproductions of paintings, historical and contemporary photographs, sheet music, and other artisti...

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Enhancing 4th and 5thGradeSocialStudies with Hands-on-Activities

Through teaching, I strive continually to bring to my students not only facts but also a joy of learning. Want to see a smile on your student's face? Give them hands-on-activities. These lessons, projects, and activities will bring an...

Stars: 83 Updated: March 25th,2018

The probe method: A problem-based learning model's affect on critical thinking skills of fourth and fifthgradesocialstudies stude...

This study examined how the implementation of a curriculum intervention, the Probe Method I designed, impacted critical thinking skills of fourth and fifthgrade students in a private school for gifted students in a Midwestern state...

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A Procedure for Textbook Evaluation Illustrated by an Analysis of Fifth-GradeSocialStudies Texts.

ABSTRACT This study focuses on two tasks: (1) the development of a general procedure for evaluation of socialstudies textbooks which could be adapted ...

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