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A drawing of a vertex


Vertex reduction graphic drawing method and device

In a bird's eye view or the like, performance degrades due to a too high vertex density, and as a result, beauty is ruined. In order to solve such problems, an amount of features is calculated(5) based on the relative position of the ...

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A new method for drawinga graph given the cyclic order of the edges at each vertex

CiteSeerX - Scientific documents that cite the following paper: A New Method for Drawinga Graph given the Cyclic Order of the Edges at Each Vertex

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Moving Vertices to Make Drawings Plane

Moving Vertices to Make Drawings PlaneIn John Tantalo鈥檚 on-line game Planarity the player is given a non-plane straight-line drawingofa planar graph. The aim is to make the drawing plane as quickly as possible by moving vertices...

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Rectangular Grid Drawingofa Plane Graph with Maximum Vertex Degree Four

react-text: 414 Introduction: The abdominal approach for the treatment of rectal tumors is associated with a considerable rate of mor-bidity. Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (TEM) is an alternative technique that is less invasive th...

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The junction catalogue for labelling line drawingsof polyhedra with tetrahedral vertices

The Clowes-Huffman catalogue for labelling line drawingsof trihedral polyhedra is a well-established tool in computer vision.

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Drawing 3-polytopes with good vertex resolution

We study the problem how to obtain a small drawingofa 3-polytope with Euclidean distance between any two points at least 1. The problem can be reduced to a one-dimensional problem, since it is sufficient to guarantee distinct intege...

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