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Covering National Concerns about Teenage Pregnancy: A Visual RhetoricalAnalysis of Images of Pregnant and Mothering Women

Abstract Responding to recent frenzy over "teen moms" in the media, the article illustrates how visual representations of pregnant and mothering teenagers construct the United States' problem with teenage pregnancy. It argues that th...

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RhetoricalAnalysis Within a Pragma-Dialectical Framework

The paper reacts against the strict separation between dialectical and rhetorical approaches to argumentation and argues that argumentative discourse ca...

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ABSTRACT Spacecraft data and astronomical observations of the planetary bodies of the solar system in recent years are reviewed for fundamental studie...

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An annotation scheme forarhetoricalanalysis of biology articles

ABSTRACT In information extraction from scientific texts, it is crucially important to identify the unique contribution of the research. The task is complicated by the large number of statements made in each article that pertain to r...

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Arhetoricalanalysis of the national radio broadcasts of senator Huey Pierce Long

Abstract Thesis (Ph. D.)--State University of Iowa, 1953. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 507-530). Photocopy. Quality of reproduction poor: leaves [i]-vii and in some portions of text.

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The Language of Battered Women: ARhetoricalAnalysis of Personal Theologies. Carol L. Winkelmann. New York: State University of New...

Includes bibliographical references (p. 253-264) and indexes.

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From Slaves to Sons: A New RhetoricAnalysis on Paul's Slave Metaphors in His Letter to the Galatians – By Sam Tsang

No abstract is available for this article.

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Comments on `RhetoricalAnalysis Within a Pragma-Dialectical Framework

No Abstract available for this article.

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The idea of an interdisciplinary social psychology: An historical and rhetoricalanalysis.

ABSTRACT Discusses the notion of interdisciplinarity in the history of social psychology. Disciplinary historians generally have some axe to grind, som...

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The Search for Grounds in Legal Argumentation: ARhetoricalAnalysis of Texas vs Johnson

No Abstract available for this article.

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