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Alphabet Computer Automatic Clarity Algorithm

Mechatronics Engineering, Computing and Information Technology: Alphabet Computer Automatic Clarity Algorithm... frames of the alphabet in the video whi...

Stars: 59 Updated: February 25th,2018

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro: the Hidden Alphabet

A very colorful book that will attract the attention of many young readers, this alphabet book uses window-like frames to hide each alphabet letter...

Stars: 55 Updated: February 25th,2018

Method for the transmission of characters by means of the code combinations of a telegraph alphabet

It is an object of the present invention to provide a teleprinting machine capable of transmitting and writing capital and small letters, where the number of additionally transmitted shift code combin... This alphabet employs signal f...

Stars: 129 Updated: February 25th,2018

A real-time system to recognize static gestures of Brazilian sign language (libras) alphabet using Kinect

In this paper we present a system - called Gesture User Interface (GestureUI) - to recognize static gestures of the Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) in ...

Stars: 137 Updated: February 25th,2018

Detection of Frames With Single Complete Signs of Finger Alphabet in Video Sequence Using Visual Attention Approach

In this paper we propose a method for finding video frames representing single sign in the finger alphabet. The single sign is identified using standard...

Stars: 150 Updated: February 25th,2018

Kirchliche Analphabeten

Kirchliche AnalphabetenThe thesis analyzes the state of affairs in the discourse – effective and ineffectual ...Using the concept of framing research, themed frames are analyzed in newspaper articles and in terms of expert ...

Stars: 30 Updated: February 25th,2018

Alphabet Hills prescribed fire (AA30) 2 year post-burn field monitoring report

The Alphabet Hills prescribed fire (AA30) was ignited on August 10, 2004 by the BLM Alaska Fire Service and burned approximately 37,500 acres. Two vegetation and consumption plots were established in 2001 on the west side of Porkchop ...

Stars: 101 Updated: February 25th,2018

Recognizing the Brazilian Signs Language Alphabet with Neural Networks over Visual 3D Data Sensor

Recognizing the Brazilian Signs Language Alphabet with Neural Networks over ...The pre-processing data involved frames sampling, normalization and 3D ...

Stars: 126 Updated: February 25th,2018

Lip Motion based Alphabet Recognition using Neural Network

Lip Motion based Alphabet Recognition using Neural NetworkThe facial expressions in image sequence deliver information in...This research is divided into two-levels: (i) Firstly, frames are taken and features are extracted from these ...

Stars: 75 Updated: February 25th,2018

Dactyl Alphabet Gesture Recognition in a Video Sequence Using Microsoft Kinect

The database store gestures by it features description, genereated by frame for each gesture of the alphabet. Recognition algorithm takes as input a video sequence (a sequence of frames) for marking, put in correspondence with each ...

Stars: 101 Updated: February 25th,2018

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