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Reluctant Runaway (To Catch a Thief)

She stripped off her backpack, then pulled out the bungee cord and clipped an end to the harness around her torso. The other end went around a pipe sticking out of the roof....She took a few steps on wobbly knees, nerves still doing t...

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Soak It All Up: SoCal Beach Regulars Pick the Best Gear for a Place in the Sun

"A cart or wagon with huge tires helps you get through the sand. The guys who really know what they are doing can get a boogie board and a cooler on one." --David ... --David LeFevre Wearever Backpack Chair: $30; shade usa.corn. 6...

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An equipment carrying device is provided for carrying a wide range of sports boards by releasable attachment to and suspension from a separate shoulder strap, such as a shoulder strap of a backpack. The equipment carrying device featu...

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Gender dynamics on 'The Loneliest Planet': Indie Focus

Writer-director Julia Loktev's film follows the story of Nica (Hani Furstenberg) and Alex (Gael García Bernal), a couple engaged to be married, as they backpack their way through... Screening Room: The Cinematheque boogies this weeke...

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Backpack Briton Is Drowned at Surfers' Beach

Read the full-text online article and more details about "Backpack Briton Is Drowned at Surfers' Beach" - Daily Mail (London), February 17, 1998... Home » Browse » Newspapers » International Newspapers » Daily Mail (London) » Art...

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Main Index Page General Ratings Page Rock Chronology Page Song Search Page New Additions Message Board...You pick it up and carefully put it away in your backpack... er, sorry, wrong game.I'm also quite partial to ... a tinkling boogi...

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Wynonna official website

This album, the first of her career that Wynonna co-produced, included a four-song bonus disc entitled Big Bang Boogie composed of four new Judds songs.[2] New Day Dawning ...In August 2009, she guest starred as herself on the 10th an...

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Duck Down Music Inc.

Duck Down (whose name derived from Boogie Down Productions' 1992 hit single of the same name) was originally ...Expanded services from 3D are a Music Supervision Department that places clients songs in film, TV, and video games and...

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Extending the Classroom by "Keitai" Phone

At the low end, models that have been on the market for a year or longer go for a song —a few thousand yen (...culture journalist Justin Hall writes, is just as likely to be for letting friends know "where to get their boogie on..."C...

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Combination beach device

comprising a third clip on the strap engagable to the fifth attachment point and sixth attachment point, allowing a user to wear the strap over both shoulders as a backpack for ...Other recreational boards such as boogie boards, and s...

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