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Aromatherapy for the beautytherapist : Valerie Ann Worwood Published by Thomson, Learning £15.99 162 pages; paperback ISBN: 1 861 ...

Aromatherapy for the beautytherapist: Valerie Ann Worwood Published by Thomson, Learning £15.99 162 pages; paperback ISBN: 1 861 526636 Lyn Goldberg Available online 10 November 2003Choose an option to locate/access this article: d...

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BeautyTherapistVerity Elayne Crouse...

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BeautyTherapist Traineeship

FAS Ireland - Irish employment authority promotes job opportunities and training courses for school leavers, post graduates and professionals.

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Chapter - 6395-11 BeautyTherapist

6395-11 BeautyTherapist

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Aromatherapy for the BeautyTherapist (Hairdressing & Beauty Industry Authority S.)

Aromatherapy for the BeautyTherapist is the first detailed book to give professionals, student beautytherapists and aromatherapists information on how to use essential oils and aromatherapy in beauty care and beauty treatments. Arom...

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Is the beautytherapist a health professional?

Beautytherapists make claims about their own status in relation to medical professionals. They frequently compare themselves to nurses in the level of training they receive and in the types of duties they perform. Drawing upon qualit...

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Jobs: How to Be a BeautyTherapist

What is the work like? BeautyTherapists treat client's bodies and faces to improve their appearance and increase their wellbeing. Before they start their treatments they get to know and understand their clients and complete a health ...

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Body Massage for the BeautyTherapist, 3rd Edition

The beautytherapist, increasingly called upon to administer massage, will welcome this manual. Its modern and practical approach will appeal to all who wish to improve their standard of massage. The physical comfort and reassurance w...

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Invasion of the BeautyTherapists

Read the full-text online article and more details about "Invasion of the BeautyTherapists" by Lacey, Hester - The Independent (London, England), May 14, 1995

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English for BeautyTherapists

English for BeautyTherapistsZOFIA PATOKATAMARA GOTOWICKA...

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