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Best large room heaters


Heater with duty cycle controller

More sophisticated roomheaters include a heating element regulated by a heater control which provides a thermostat function ...intergrated circuit technology without having a bulky power supply resulting from the use of transformers ...

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Hydrocarbon fired roomheater with thermophotovoltaic electric generator

A hydrocarbon fired roomheater with thermophotovoltaic electric generator has high power outputs without cell overheating and failure. The unit includes a burner for generating a hydrocarbon flame, a catalytic emitter positioned in t...

Stars: 92 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Wall heater with improved heat exchanger

1. A forced air, wall heater comprising a heat exchanger, said heat exchanger including a plurality of tubes with ...Further, because the size of a hotel room or suite is typically not as large as an entire house, the relatively ...A...

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A spaceheater is disclosed, comprising a housing, a heat source within the housing and a plurality of openings to ...The first type is the so-called "radiator", which usually consist of a fluid-filled body having a large surface are...

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Large area alumina ceramic heater

A large area heater used, for example, in a laser printer belt fuser or as cooking surface, has an alumina substrate in which two bowed parts of alumina ceramic having opposed concave regions are formed together as a laminate. Electri...

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Warm air spaceheater with air circulating blower

One feature of this invention is that it provides an improved circulatory heater of the socalled roomheater type; ...The ~housing is provided on its front wall with a large rectangular outlet opening, the effective outlet area being...

Stars: 62 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Infrared roomheater system

An infrared, roomheater system for installation in a wall or on a floor An electric fan assembly draws room air into a housing, through three parallel, air transit channels where the air is heated by infrared radiation within and abo...

Stars: 34 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Gas-fired heaters with burners which operate without secondary air and have a substantially sealed combustion chamber

11. The roomheater of claim 10, wherein said combustion chamber includes a wall and the roomheater further includes... An additional problem associated with both gas-burner water heaters and spaceheaters is that the burners are la...

Stars: 152 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Fuel burning spaceheater

The invention relates to spaceheaters and particularly to heaters which are so designed that they can be installed in the wall of a room. The heater comprising the subject matter of this invention to adapted to be gas fired. ! The pr...

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Heater for semiconductor manufacturing device

1, characterized in that the amount of heat emitted along the outer periphery of the resistive heating element is large....therebetween, the article for processing is placed on the heater at room temperature or in a slightly preheated...

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