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Help for the Relay Engineer in Dealing with Transient Currents

50 150 250 掳C r-1-1-f2-00 4100 掳-F ^ INITIAL CONDUCTOR TEMPERATURE Fig. 3: Hypothetical INPRO Cure. 81SM337-...Allen, Member IEEE Westinghouse Electric Corp., Sharon, PA AttadibipnpnnrrreloereiaesaAtterttncniihshfsparsmeenooipolifp...

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Variable time characteristic relay

tember 11, 1934, and assigned to the Wesninghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, and in the United States patent of R. M. Smith, No. 2,071,857, issued February 23, 1937, and assigned to the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Com...

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Method of forming SiO2-TiO2 glasses with low thermal expansion coefficient

(E. B. Yoldas, Method of conforming clear vitreous gel of silicatitania material. Patent, US 4278632, Westinghouse ...Sie mischen 0,01 - 0,05 Mol Titantetraisopropoxid und 0,2 - 0,25 Mol Tetraethylorthosilikat (TEOS) in 150 cm< S...

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Analogous distance sensor

WABCO Westinghouse Fahrzeugbremsen GmbH (Am Lindener Hafen 21, Hannover, D-30453, DE) International Classes: G01D... Die Funktionsweise des erfindungsgemässen Sensors unterscheidet sich wesentlich vom Stand der Technik. Im nicht ...

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Assignee: WABCO WESTINGHOUSE STEUERUNGSTECHNIK GMBH & CO International Classes: F15B15/28 H01H36/00 H01H3/16 H01H9/02 (IPC1-7): H01H36/00 H01H1/66 ...Wesentlich für eine gute Funktion der im vorstehenden beschriebenen Näherungsschal...

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Nonaqueous ozonation of vulcanized rubber

While a Wesback T-816 ozone generator is used in the work reported here, other ozone generators can be used of different types and of other manufacturers. The diffusor which is ...US5998490 * May 8, 1997 Dec 7, 1999 Westinghouse Savan...

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Uranium oxidation rate summary for the spent nuclear fuel project

1, Westinghouse Hanford Company, Richland, Washington. 2. Drawing, H-1-81563, Rev. 0, "K Basin Gas Sampler Sung Jin Lcp, Bora Malinovic 75 16W070 Wes! R3rd Stre& Burr Ridge, Illinois 60521 Phone: (630)323-8750 HNF...20 0% 0 0% ...

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Design study and economic assessment of multi-unit offshore wind energy conversion systems application. Volume 1: Executive summary

Westinghouse Electric Corp (1979) Design study and economic assessment of multi-unit offshore wind energy conversion systems application. DOE WASH-2830-78/4...Volume III. System analysis. Final Report. Pittsburgh, PA (USA): Advanced S...

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Internal consistency in aqueous geochemical data revisited: Applications to the aluminum system

150 bars 30–300 °C, Psat 200–500 °C, 2000 bars 300–600 °C, 1000–2000 bars 400–500 °C, 1000–6000 bars 400–500 °C, 1000 bars 400–550 °C, 250–600 bars ...Tech. rep., Westinghouse Electric Corp. Bettis Atomic Power Lab., P...

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Changes in Radial Symmetry in the Leaders of Eastern White Pine Following Inclination

Pinus strobus seedlings were inclined to the horizontal with the leader either being left intact or with its tip and leaves removed. Following a brief lag period intact leaders began to bend up at the rate of 5[degree]/week. This reco...

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