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Borderline and narcissist attraction


Diagnosis and treatment of borderlineandnarcissistic children and adolescents.

Diagnosis and treatment of borderlineandnarcissistic children and adolescents.Rinsley DB.doi:10.1192/bjp.136.6.606Rinsley DBBull Menninger Clin.Rinsley, D. B. (1980b). Diagnosis and treatment of borderlineandnarcissistic children ...

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Group psychotherapy for borderlineandnarcissistic patients.

Abstract The consensus among group therapists is that most patients with borderline disorder need a concomitant individual relationship, preferable of a...

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BorderlineandNarcissistic Personality Disorders

ABSTRACT It is fitting to include both the borderlineandnarcissistic personality disorders (BPD and NPD, respectively) in one chapter. They are in some respects close brethren, yet in other respects distant relatives. Both diagnose...

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Grandiosity in children with narcissisticandborderline disorders. A comparative analysis.

Abstract I draw a distinction between two clinical pictures in children, borderlineandnarcissistic disorders. Both belong to the realm of personality ...

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Family therapy with borderlineandnarcissistic patients.

Family therapy with borderlineandnarcissistic patients.Jones SA.Jones SABulletin of the Menninger ClinicJones, S. ( 1987 ) Family therapy with borderlineandnarcissistic patients . Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic , 51 : 285 – 295...

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Affective disturbance in borderlineandnarcissistic patients

Affective disturbance in borderlineandnarcissistic patients.Hartocollis P.Hartocollis PBull Menninger ClinBulletin of the Menninger ClinicHartcollis, P. (1980). Affective disturbance in borderlineandnarcissistic patients. Bulletin...

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ABSTRACT It is a well-recognized proposition in early Freudian theory that it was not possible to conduct psychoanalysis unless the patient was capable of developing an object transference. This position was consistent with the class...

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Psychotherapy in borderlineandnarcissistic personality disorder.

Psychodynamic concepts about borderline personality disorder are reviewed and the literature concerning psychotherapeutic treatment of this group is exa...

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Borderlineandnarcissistic disorders. A selective overview.

The author describes in chronological order some significant contributors who have furthered the understanding of the diagnosis and clinical manifestations of the borderline syndrome. In the second part of section one, he reviews the ...

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Narcissisticandborderline personality traits: Their relationship with childhood abuse experiences in a student population in Japan

ABSTRACT While the association between childhood adversity andborderline or narcissistic personality disorders was reported frequently, these two personality traits have rarely been studied in their links with early life abusive exp...

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