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Sweating It in the Brazilian Garment Industry: Korean and Bolivian Immigrants and Global Economic Forces in São Paulo

Publication » An examination of the timeliness of Internet reporting by London-listed companies.

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University–industry relations in Bolivia: implications for university transformations in Latin America

The empirical analysis is based on a survey of 349 lecturers from Bolivian public universities, which inquired into aspects of university–industry relations (UIR). Although the results indicate that lecturers are in favour of relatio...

Stars: 135 Updated: September 4th,2018

The Emergence of the Tin Industry in Bolivia

The political economy of Bolivia has been dominated by the extraction and export of mineral wealth; in the nineteenth century by silver, in the twentieth by tin. The decline of silver in the 1890s neatly coincides with the rise of tin...

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What is ‘Post’ in Post-Neoliberal Economic Policy? Extractive Industry Dependence and Indigenous Land Rights in Bolivia and Ecuador

Bolivia and Ecuador are considered examples of post-neoliberal regimes: both have left governments which have been supported by strong social movements,...

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Bolivia - introducing competition into the electricity supply industry in developing countries : lessons from Bolivia

This report summarizes the Bolivian power sector reform experience from 1993 until the end of 1999. The reform of Bolivia's electric sector is considere...

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Mastitis control programme in the developing dairy industry of tropical lowland Bolivia.

Mastitis is an important disease in developing dairy industries. This paper describes a commercial mastitis control programme in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, ba...

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A GIS approach to ecosystem services and rural territorial dynamics applied to the case of the gas industry in Bolivia

This paper presents a method for assessing environmental change based on the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment approach and literature on ecosystem servic...

Stars: 153 Updated: September 4th,2018

What is 'Post' in Post-Neoliberal Political Economy? Indigenous’ Land Rights and the Extractive Industry in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador

Thus, in the Ecuadorian and Bolivian contexts there is a deep tension between the communal paradigm of the “Buen vivir” and the liberal framework of the sovereignty of the nation state which owns all natural resources; whereas in th...

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Co-management of protected areas, the oil and gas industry and indigenous empowerment-The experience of Bolivia's Kaa-Iya del Gran C...

react-text: 428 In Bolivia, a country where indigenous people have historically constituted the majority of the population, constructions of race, questions of national belonging, and issues of national identity for both national poli...

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Structural Adjustment and BolivianIndustry

Structural adjustment programmes have been widely applied in Africa, Asia and Latin America during the past 15 years. Questions have been raised about t...

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