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Bolt on trailer hitch


Cargo carrier for attachment to a vehicle trailerhitch

Cargo carrier for attachment to a vehicle trailerhitchA cargo carrier is operatively connected to a horizontally disposed hitch receiver tube secured to the rearward end of a vehicle ...Curt J. Hillby means of the pin or bolt...

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Anhydrous ammonia metering manifold with variable orifice distribution assembly

Bolts 326 pass through bores 276 through the base 252 and screw into threaded bores 102 in the body 80 to clamp the control end insert 250 to the large ring shaped surface 98. ... A fertilizer tank and trailerhitch assembly 450 is cl...

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Supporting a hammock on a vehicle

7073857 Trailerhitch chair hanger July, 2006 Bailey 297/217.7 7047688 Fishing rod holder mount May, 2006 Sandman, Jr. 20050251910 Water-swung hammock November, 2005 Boyd 6467110 ...In one example, the attachment member 120 can be a...

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An improved trailerhitch which can be used to more easily attach a trailer to a towing vehicle by simply engaging a horizontal coupling shaft in a latch assembly, and closing the latch. The trailerhitch comprises six main components...

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An important object of the present invention is to provide a readily removable or detachable trailerhitch which includes semipermanently mounted supporting components and means which are ... It can be appreciated that the bracket co...

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By operation of this clamping bolt, the ball may be securely clamped between the clamping plate and the socket of the trailerhitch, thus forming a universal connection which will ... an eye-bolton said elongated body at a point subs...

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Towing light assembly for use on a towed vehicle

The eye of the eyebolt engages the end link of a second chain which is extended beneath the lower side of the bumper, and detachably engaged with the bumper by means of an S-... US3423106 * 1967年3月9日 1969年1月21日 Parkhurst Mfg Co ...

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the above referred to spring bars to the ball hitch bracket or head in order to prevent sway and Weaving of the towing vehicle and trailer, both on the straightaway or on curves...The eyebolt is linked to a chain 26 carrying a bumper ...

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Anhydrous Ammonia TrailerHitch

An anhydrous ammonia trailerhitch incorporating a base; a vehicle mounting receiver hitch fixedly attached to and extending forwardly from the base; a bolt mounted to the base, the bolt being adapted for moving between latching and r...

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The semi-permanent type trailerhitches now commonly in use and to which this invention is directed are connected to the rear end of a car, with the front end of the hitch ...U-shaped bracket 21', associated with the upturned front e...

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