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Boot from usb windows


Computer-implemented systems and methods for carrying out non-centralized assessments

receiving a client application from the local server for presenting the examination at the client computer; receiving ...Windows® operating system may only bootfrom a USB flash drive, while a UNIX operating system may bootfrom a...

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Fast protection of a computer's base system from malicious software using system-wide skins with OS-level sandboxing

dynamically initiating a re-boot of the data processing system, responsive to...For purposes of illustration, base OS 106 is described as a Windows-based ...(CD), a thumb drive, a USB connected drive with storage media thereon...

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Method and system for remote access to keyboard control in legacy USB mode

A remote access module associated with a BIOS of an information handling system having a UHCI-based USB controller allows selection of legacy USB control with a local keyboard or access by a remote ke... fromWindowsboot manager scre...

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Method and apparatus for operating a host computer from a portable apparatus

In particular, the environment includes an interface such as a Microsoft Windows XP operating system interface boot-to-USB, is a BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) capability that allows a PC to bootfrom a USB device...

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Method and system for providing multi-media data from various sources to various client applications

Wireless USB, or various input/output interfaces provided on a standard or ..., communications applications such as Windows Messenger from Microsoft Corporation...This enumerator is thus itself enumerated at boot time (or at install t...

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Similarly, the disclosed embodiments therefore also provide a significant improvement over other operating systems, such as those that can be configured to bootfrom a USB flash drive, such as Knoppix Linux, WindowsPE, BartPE, ReactOS...

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