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Bursting bladder school relief


Reduction in renal haemodynamics by exaggerated vesicovascular reflex in rats with acute urinary retention

(efferent) nerves are known to play a role in the bladder distention-induced vesicovascular reflex (Mukherjee, 1957; ...When a threshold volume (0·52 ± 0·10 ml) was reached, the PANA reached its peak, and then a bursting PENA was...

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They are Coming

132 2004 Chapter 34 He was walking into the school toilet. The walls and the air are as grey as a faded picture. ...its mysterious rows of tiny cubicles, its emptiness, the chemical stench of dip, but his bladder is near to bursting...

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Endoloop closure of the urinary bladder is safe and efficient in female piglets undergoing transurethral NOTES nephrectomy.

Hannover Medical School, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Carl-Neuberg-Strasse 1, Hannover, Germany. European Journal of Pediatric Surgery : Official ...Intraoperatively, bladder filling was performed ...

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The Sentinel Clot Sign: a Useful CT Finding for the Evaluation of Intraperitoneal Bladder Rupture Following Blunt Trauma

To evaluate the frequency and relevance of the "sentinel clot" sign on CT for patients with traumatic intraperitoneal bladder rupture in a retrospective...

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Bursting stimulation of proximal urethral afferents improves bladder pressures and voiding

Abstract Reflex bladder excitation has been evoked via pudendal nerve, pudendal nerve branch and intraurethral stimulation; however, afferent-evoked bla...

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Bladder dysfunction changes from underactive to overactive after experimental traumatic brain injury

Bladder dysfunction changes from underactive to overactive after experimental traumatic brain injuryEXTERNAL URETHRAL SPHINCTERURINARY-INCONTINENCEMICTURITION REFLEX...One day after injury, 70% of the animals in the TBI group and 29% ...

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Receptive properties of myelinated primary afferents innervating the inflamed urinary bladder of the cat.

that were on average proportional to the prevailing intravesical pressure but exhibited additional high-frequency bursts of up to 15 Hz without concomitant bladder contractions (Fig. 2B)....C. Sympathectomy for the relief of vesical s...

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[Case of a burstingbladder]

[Article in Spanish]

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Battling Bashful Bladder Syndrome

Battling bashful bladder syndromeIt's the biggest game of the year. Although halftime is almost over, there's still a long line of people behind you waiting for their turn in the restroom. You finally get up to a urinal and nothing ha...

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Internal-combustion engine with reduced pollutants

If barrier 304A reaches its stop prior to the piston 328 reaching BDC, then either the blowby pressure relief valve 318 may discharge the excessive pressure, or the pressure may utilize a retainer 408 at the top of travel of b...

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