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Climate, canopy disturbance, and radial growth averaging in a second-growth mixed-oak forest in West Virginia, U.S.A.

Lamson, N.I., Smith, H.C., Perkey, A.W., and Brock, S.M. 1990. Crown releases increase growth of crop trees. USDA For. Sew. Res. Pap. NE-635. LeBlanc, D.C., and...University of Arizona Press, Tucson, Ariz. Sutherland, E.K. 1997. Histo...

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Insulin-like growth factor-(IGF)-axis, inflammation, and glucose intolerance among older adults

Corresponding Author: Swapnil Rajpathak, Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, Albert Einstein College of ...Tracy PhD. University of Arizona, Tucson—Pulmonary Reading Center: Paul Enright MD. Retinal Reading Center-Univ...

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Lamson graduates first interior design students

Focuses on the LamsonBusinessCollege in Tucson, Arizona, which offers interior design courses. Background information; Structure of the coursework.

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Defining a regional approach for invasive plant research and management

University of Arizona Press, Tucson, 259–292 Nilson ET, Muller CH (1980) A comparison of the relative naturalization ... Byers JE, Reichard S, Randall JM, Parker IM, Smith CS, Lonsdale WM, Atkinson IAE, Seastedt TR, Willilamson M, C...

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Decomposing tree annual volume increments and constructing a system dynamic model of tree growth

thesis research of the senior author at College of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York at ...Comerford, N.B., Lamson, N.I. and Leaf, A.L., 1980. Mea- surement and interpretation of growth response of ...of...

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The preparation of 1-substituted-3-mercaptopyrrolidines

dc.creator Lamson, Davis Williams, 1934- en_US Lamson, Davis Williams, 1934- en_US Graduate College en_US University of Arizona en_US dc.identifier.oclc...

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System for electrically modeling an electronic structure and method of operation

Guided by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), universities such as the University of Arizona at Tucson or the University of California at Berkeley, have been creating and ...Lamson, Michael AKundu, SubhenduRamesh, RamaniUSUS...

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Analysis of differential substrate selectivities of CYP2B6 and CYP2E1 by site-directed mutagenesis and molecular modeling.

E. Mash (De- partment of Chemistry, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ). 7-Ethoxy- coumarin (7-EC) and 7-hydroxycoumarin (7-HC) were purchased from Aldrich Chemical Co. (...Riska P, Lamson M, MacGregor T, Sabo J, Hattox S, Pav J, and K...

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An Analysis of the Water Quality Problems of the Safford Valley, Arizona

A marked change in ground water quality in the Safford Valley of Graham County, Arizona, averaging approximately +0.129 x 103 mhos electrical conductivity per year and +35 parts per million chloride per year, has been documented betwe...

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A comparison of times series approaches for dendroecological reconstructions of past canopy disturbance events

were assigned a free-to-grow (FTG) rating, indicating the number of sides (maximum = 4) of the tree crown that are least 1.5 m from neighboring trees (Lamson et al., 1990)....U. of Arizona Press, Tucson, Arizona. Stahle, D.W., Cleavel...

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