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End of therapy resumption rules


Resumptionof linezolid therapy after myelotoxicity.

Informs that linezolid is associated with hematologic toxicity, including anemia, thrombocytopenia and pancytopenia. Details of a medical case related t...

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Positive and cost-effectiveness effect of spa therapy on the resumptionof occupational and non-occupational activities in women in ...

The main aim was to assess the effects of a spa treatment on the resumptionof occupational and non-occupational activities and the abilities of women i...

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Evolution of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Populations after ResumptionofTherapy following Treatment Interruption and Shift ...

Conventional genotyping of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 often reveals a shift from a drug-resistant genotype to a wild-type genotype after treatm...

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[Harmlessness ofresumptionof PAS therapy after a hemolytic accident; pathogenic considerations]


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Resumptionof hormonal therapy.

Several schemes for correcting temperature and velocity measurements from moored current meters are tested on two moorings, one of which experienced large vertical excursions as the Gulf Stream meandered over it. The addition of two e...

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Methyldopa fever. Recurrence of symptoms with resumptionoftherapy.

Klein HO, Kaminsky N.

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Resumptionof outpatient occupational therapy for a young woman five years after traumatic brain injury.

Objective. Educational programs for the occupational therapist and the occupational therapy assistant are mandate to include content on technologies in ...

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Blood pressure after blinded, randomized withdrawal, and resumptionof baroreceptor-activating therapy.

Abstract BACKGROUND: Baroreceptor-activating therapy (BAT) has been shown to control resistant hypertension in one sham-controlled and further observati...

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Causes ofresumptionof growth of mammary gland carcinoma metastases during hormone therapy

Abstract As a result of hormone therapy for metastases of mammary gland carcinoma, as a rule only a temporary improvement is observed, and despite continued treatment this is followed by resumed growth of the metastases, leading to de...

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