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Butterworth clocks


Electronics system for a low frequency ultrasound phased array

In order to prevent a bit from being skipped, the clock edges of the two BAUD clocks on the FTDI UM232R and the AWG 30 are synchronized at the beginning of each word that is...The filter chosen was a Butterworth filter because of the ...

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Charge Domain Filter Operating Up to 20 MHz Clock Frequency

Charge Domain Filter Operating Up to 20 MHz Clock FrequencyCharge coupled devicesClocksCutoff frequencyDelayLow pass filtersPoles and zerosSolid state circuitsTestingTransfer functionsTransversal filtersAn analog sampled data low pass...

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Thirty Something and the Clock Is Ticking [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Thirty Something and the Clock Is Ticking, by Kasey Edwards, Ebury, $34.95 pb, ISBN 9781864711806, March.

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Naming analog clocks conceptually facilitates naming digital clocks

Abstract This study investigates how speakers of Dutch compute and produce relative time expressions. Naming digital clocks (e.g., 2:45, say "quarter to...

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Controlling data consistency guarantees in storage apparatus

clocks at the peer-to-peer storage nodes without a common system clock of the peer-to-peer storage system as a whole, and wherein the timing constraint takes into account a worst...US20060015507 2005年7月14日 2006年1月19日 Butterworth...

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Non return to zero (NRZ) clock recovery breadboard for 200 MB/S optical intersatellite link

After theoretical analysis a detailed description of the clock recovery part of the breadboard is given including a three pole Butterworth filter. The performances are presented in terms of degradation of bit error rate. Breadboard M...

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12–LIGHT, CLOCKS AND ION FLUX: AN ANALYSIS OF LEAF MOVEMENTThis chapter discusses phytochrome-controlled leaf movements, which maximize several advantages within a single biological system...In: Light and plant development, H. Smith,...

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Reviews the book "Sea Clocks: The Story of Longitude," by Louise Borden.

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In a time synchronization process, chain of quality information is provided between interconnected nodes, the chain of quality information relating to information regarding accuracy of a clock, a type of timestamping used by a node, a...

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Granulosa cell proliferation in very small follicles of cycling rats studied by long-term continuous tritiated-thymidine infusion.

, Cell Cycle Clocks. NY: Marcel Dekker, pp.97-ill Hage AJ, Groen-Klevam AG, Welschen R, 1978. Follicle growth in the imma- twa rat ovary. ActaEndocrinol 88 :375-82 Hirsh...London: Butterworths, pp. 141-58 Moore GPM. Linleru-Moore S. P...

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