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c-Krox, a transcriptional regulator of type I collagen gene expression, is preferentially expressed in skin

We have cloned a mouse cDNA that is a member of the Krox gene family and encodes a protein we have named c-Krox. The c-Krox protein contains three zinc ...

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Application of a human tumor colony-forming assay to new drug screening

E. In vitro chemosensitivities of human tumor stem cells to the Phase II drug 4'-{9-acridinylamino)methanesulfon-m-anisidide and prospective in vivo correlations. Cancer Res., ...MultkJrug- resistance phenotype in Chinese hamster ovar...

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Amplification of protooncogenes in surgical specimens of human lung carcinomas.

.TsYug'.aTnree.ndS.,ofAlruimngotcoa. ncHe.r.s SihnimthoesaNtoa. tioYn.a.lSuCeamnacseur, CKen..teArraoi,f Japan and comparison with that of Japanese pathological autopsy ...B. E., Makuch, R. W.. Simmons, A. D., Gazdar. A. F., Burch, D...

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A new, effective, and safe therapeutic option using proton irradiation for hepatocellular carcinoma

Thus, almost all lesions were reduced in size, and approximately 100% of local tumor control was accom- plished in ...22. Tanaka N, Matsuzaki Y, Chuugannji Y, Osuga T, Kuramoto K, Tsujii H. Proton irradiation for hepatocellular ...35...

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Localization of HIV-1 co-receptors CCR5 and CXCR4 in the brain of children with AIDS

the slides were pretreated with proteinase K (20 ,ug/ml) for 25 minutes at room temperature followed by microwaving for 8 minutes in sodium citrate buffer, pH 6.0 (1.05 g of ...Scott GW, Hutto C, Makuch RW, Mastrucci MT, O'Connor T, ...

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Antitumor activity of magainin analogues against human lung cancer cell lines

1640 medium (for NCI-H82 cell line) supplemented with 5% heat- inactivated FBS, 100 units/ml penicillin G sodium, and 100 ug/ml streptomycin sulfate. NCI-H889 and NCI-H841 ...E., Grayson, J., Makuch. R. W., Linnoila, I., Anderson, M...

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Iron stores and cardiovascular disease risk factors in women of reproductive age in the United States.

10. Sempos CT, Looker AC, Gillum RF, Makuc DM. Body iron stores and the risk of coronary heart disease. N Engl J Med 1994;330:1119–24. 11. Giles WH, Anda RF, ...Oshaug A,Bugge KH,Bjonnes CH,et al.Iron stores and cardiovascular diseas...

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Mechanisms of human hepatocarcinogenesis

[80] Deugnier, Y., and Turlin, B. (2001) J. Gastroenterol. Hepatol., 16, 491-494. [81] Riegler, J.L. (...Sakamoto, M., Hirohashi, S., Tsuda, H., Shimosato, Y., Makuuchi, M., and Hosoda, Y. (1989) Am. J. Surg....Le Bail, B., Belleannee...

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Serum tumour markers in lung cancer: history, biology and clinical applications

In patients with AC of the lung, the level of sIL-2R did not correlate with the extent of the disease, as in ...117. Viallard JL, Caillaud D, Kantelip B, Molina C, Dastugue B. – Enzymatic determination of serum neuron-specific...121...

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The Adventitia: Essential Regulator of Vascular Wall Structure and Function - Annual Review of Physiology, 75(1):23

Al Ghouleh I, Khoo NK, Knaus UG, Griendling KK, Touyz RM, Thannickal VJ, Barchowsky A, Nauseef WM, Kelley ...Zorzi P, Aplin AC, Smith KD, Nicosia RF. Technical advance: The rat aorta contains resident mononuclear phagocytes with...Sat...

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