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California consumer protection laws


Target Consumer Class Action Survives Motion to Dismiss | News | Haynes and Boone, LLP

Violation of consumerprotectionlaws of 49 states (excluding Alaska) and the District of Columbia; Violation of ...Courts in California and Massachusetts have analyzed the economic loss rule in the context of data breach litigation ...

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Comparison of Consumer Fraud Statutes Across the Fifty States

Compares consumerprotection statutes in U.S. states as of April 2005. Origin of consumer fraud statutes; Provisions of California's Unfair Competition Law; Substantive differences among consumerlaws; Statutory bases for multi-jurisd...

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Bayer Suffers From Class Certification Headache

Particularly in California, where the standard under several of the state’s consumerprotectionlaws is whether a “reasonable consumer” would be misled by the allegedly deceptive advertising, if the claim is a central element of th...

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