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Chemical characteristics of water masses in the Rockall Trough

Preformed nutrients are calculated by combining O2 and NO3 or O2 and PO4 in such a way that respiration can be cancelled; 10 NO3˚= NO3 – AOU/a (2) PO4˚= PO4 – AOU...We are grateful to the officers, crew and scientists on the cruis...

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Method and apparatus for presenting information

Morphing or cruising as described above works in such a manner that the user is led to conducting a loose search by drawing the information space in various ways rather than ...Upon a response of “undo” (Y of S204), the setting of t...

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Bidding method for time-sensitive offerings

42. -48. Cancelled 49. A method comprising identifying surplus capacity, according to predetermined criteria, for a future event for which tickets are sold, said future event being... [0083] 12) After the auction ends and tickets ar...

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Study on possible changes to tax free shopping laws

Cruise liner operators have cancelled cruiser calls in Malta in view of the tax free shopping issue and there are indications that others did not include Malta in their Mediterranean cruisesfor the same reason, Tourism Minister Franc...

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IT'S A CAKEWALK; Dying Dad Cruises through 24hr Race

Read the full-text online article and more details about "IT'S A CAKEWALK; Dying Dad Cruises through 24hr Race" - Birmingham Evening Mail (England), September 12, 2005... A DYING man who cancelled a life-saving operation to compete i...

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