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Slogans we can believe in: An examination of what makes for an effective presidential campaignslogan

Presidential campaignslogans have been a constant aspect of American presidential campaigning since 1800. However, despite slogans’ continual use, very few scholarly inquiries have been made regarding what actually makes for an effe...

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Did you know?(campaignslogans)

Did you know?(campaignslogans)Kowalski, Kathiann M...

Stars: 39 Updated: March 23rd,2018

Suggested CampaignSlogans for the Romney Campaign

The article focuses on the suggested presidential political campaignslogans for the Mitt Romney in the upcoming U.S. election. The author suggested his all time favorite slogans for U.S. President Barack Obama, the Hope Less, Do More...

Stars: 64 Updated: March 23rd,2018

List of U.S. presidential campaignslogans

List of U.S. presidential campaignslogansGeorge W. Bush...

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Goodbye and Good Riddance To CampaignSlogans

Goodbye and Good Riddance To CampaignSlogansNEAL CONAN...

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U.S. Presidential CampaignSlogans: In Other Words

The United States pioneered the use of slogans in national elections. This attempt to...

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The article lists the top 10 slogans from the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, which include U.S. President-elect Barack Obama's "Yes We Can," Senator John McCain's "Country First," and Senator Hillary Clinton's "Solutions for America."

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New CampaignSlogans

More than a few Pennsylvania Republicans -- and most Democrats --have expressed vociferous...

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CampaignSlogans and Fliers.

A 1944 presidential election campaign flier used by Franklin Roosevelt when he ran for a fourth term as president is the basis for learning activities t...

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Campaignslogans in presidential elections

Campaignslogans in presidential electionsNot availableSanderson, John R...

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