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Cardinal's shame at 'catalogue of cruelty'


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Catalogue: The humanist bible: 28. Portrait of Franciscus Cardinal Ximénez

Catalogue: The humanist bible: 28. Portrait of Franciscus Cardinal Ximénezdoi:ászGergelyTyndale’s Testament pages:84...

Stars: 98 Updated: March 21st,2018

Lobelia cardinalis Linnaeus

Lobelia cardinalis LinnaeusJ.M. Smith [collectorJ.M. Smith [cataloguer...

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Persée est un programme de publication électronique de revues scientifiques en sciences humaines et sociales. L'intégralité des collections imprimées de revues est numérisée et mise en ligne sur un portail qui offre un accès ...

Stars: 79 Updated: March 21st,2018

Mark Makers : An Exhibition of Work by Artists Who Have Lived and Worked in Saskatchewan

Cardinal-Schubert provides a general context for the works in an exhibition celebrating the responsibility and commitment of contemporary First Nations artists from Saskatchewan. Types: Catalogues > Exhibition catalogues All Contribu...

Stars: 114 Updated: March 21st,2018

An attempt to determine the frequency of landslide events in Italy

Landslides are widespread and recurrent phenomena in Italy, where they cause extensive damage and pose a severe threat to the population. The Italian national Department of Civil Protection, an Office of the Prime Minister, is seeking...

Stars: 86 Updated: March 21st,2018

A national early warning system for rainfall-induced landslides in Italy

The assessments were obtained through the statistical modelling of thematic and environmental information, including national catalogues of historical landslides and of historical landslides with ...Rossi M, Peruccacci S, Brunetti MT,...

Stars: 94 Updated: March 21st,2018

Éric Cardinal : Un moment précis

Types: Catalogues > Exhibition catalogues All Contributors: Beauséjour, Mathieu (Author); Cardinal, Éric (Artist) Dossier: 410 - CARDINAL, ÉRIC Collation: [4] p. : ill. ; 22 cm Language of Publication: English; French Publishers: ...

Stars: 44 Updated: March 21st,2018

A prototype warning system to forecast rainfall induced landslides in Italy

We are designing a system to forecast the possible occurrence of rainfall-induced landslides, using empirical rainfall thresholds and small scale zonations of landslide hazard and risk. Rainfall thresholds include national and regiona...

Stars: 98 Updated: March 21st,2018

As Public As Race : Margo Kane, James Luna, Paul Wong

Sakamoto describes works by Native-American artist Luna; Lai talks about Wong's "Chinaman's Peak"; Cardinal-Schubert relates the story of Kane's life and creatives processes. Biographical notes. 10 bibl. ref. Types: Catalogues > Exhib...

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