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Wilde Discoveries:Traditions, Histories, Archives

including his earliest attempts at emulating the English Romantics, his editing ofWoman's World, and his fascination with...Reviews of the play’s 1883 New York debut were for the most part so negative that Wilde might be considered ...

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Class, gender, and genre in Zalman King's "Real High Erotica": the conflicting mandates of female fantasy

King's fascination with female sexual fantasy is responsible for his most striking legacies, which include an expressionist...In Two Moon, April initially observes Perry in a posture that accents his bare chest and mean status as a ca...

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Pop-diplomacy : anime and manga as vehicles of cultural context, identity formation, and hybridity

After Japan was opened and goods flowed out, a fascination developed among the Western societies with Japan, which the ...It's the carnival atmosphere of costumes and sights and sounds. As if it has it's own life to it, and everyone...

Stars: 127 Updated: March 25th,2018

Alexander Bestuzhev-Marlinsky and Russian Byronism by Lewis Bagby (review)

The death of his father while Bestuzhev was still a boy of thirteen helped to create in him, according to Bagby, a fascination with death and the perspective that life is ...Both the literary society Bestuzhev was a member of and the ...

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Bending with the Winds

Their analysis is based on a review of hundreds of confidential telegrams between the United States and its mission to ... Carnival, Dialogism, and History M. Keith Booker, Dubravka Juraga 1995 / Praeger   Hardcover $107.95    ...

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The Man That Got Away:The Life and Songs of Harold Arlen

Bob Dylan wrote of his fascination with Arlen's "bittersweet, lonely world." A cantor's son, Arlen believed his ..., which had received terrible reviews in Philadelphia and more bad notices on Long Island. After a rocky start on ...It...

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Women and the City, Women in the City:A Gendered Perspective on Ottoman Urban History

Search for reviews of this book Cite this Item Cite This Item Copy Citation Export Citation Export to RefWorks ... Chapter 3 Playing with Gender: The Carnival of al-Qays in Jeddah (pp. 71-85) Ulrike Freitag In the course of...(...

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Art-cinema narration

cinephilia as intense as Hollywood's: full understanding of one film requires a knowledge of and a fascination with ...In reviews and interviews, a commentator or indeed the director himself can call our attention to the difficulty of...

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The Time Is Now: Acceptance and Conquest in Pop Music †

I, as a frequent reader of various pop music reviews and articles, am well accustomed to the identification of such ... it becomes much more likely that a listener will feel invited to join in the performers’ fascination with the Fre...

Stars: 74 Updated: March 25th,2018

Contemporary Spanish American Poets

Reviews/Endorsements Related Materials This first general bibliography on contemporary Spanish American poets focuses on ... Carnival, Dialogism, and History M. Keith Booker, Dubravka Juraga 1995 / Praeger   Hardcover $107.95   ...

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