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Case about bronchopneumonia


Changes in the peripheral leukocyte phenotype of calves in clinical cases of bronchopneumonia complicated with chlamydial co-infecti...

This paper reports the alterations in peripheral blood leukocyte phenotype in respiratory diseased calves affected with chlamydial and non-chlamydial co-infectious agent. The etiological contribution of chlamydial infectious agent in ...

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[Neonatal varicella: report of a case of bronchopneumonia and hemorrhagic pulmonary edema].

We describe the case of a male newborn infant, whose mother developed varicella 20 days before delivery. At 2 hours of life the infant's general state suddenly deteriorated and he presented cyanosis, respiratory distress and emission ...

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Death risk factors by community bacterial bronchopneumonia.

Se realizó un estudio de casos y controles con el objetivo de identificar los factores de riesgo de muerte en pacientes con el diagnóstico de broncone...

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Fatal acute Candida albicans bronchopneumonia. Report of a case.

A case having no relation to antibiotics, steroids, or any other conditions acting as predisposing factors is reported an a 70-yr-old man.

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Thirteen Cases of Influenzal Bronchopneumonia in Children

Br Med J. 1958 Feb 1;1(5065):263-5.

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Pneumonia associated with Acute Salmonellosis. Report, of a Case of Salmonella Bronchopneumonia and Fourteen Cases of Interstitial P...

An outbreak of food poisoning due to Salmonella montevideo occurred in an U.S. Army hospital in Northern Ireland in 1944, in which 350 persons were conc...

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[Some cases of influenzal bronchopneumonia with fatal outcome; isolation of A/Asia 57 virus in two cases]


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Report of a case of bronchopneumonia associated with Moraxella bovis isolation in a chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica)

A case of fibrinopurulent bronchopneumonia associated with Moraxella bovis infection in a chamois ( Rupicapra pyrenaica ) is described. The animal, a 4-...

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Bacterial bronchopneumonia in the dog: A review of 42 cases

Abstract The patient records of 42 dogs with bacterial bronchopneumonia were reviewed. Sporting dogs, working dogs, and hounds less than one year old were found to be most often affected. There was no historical finding or clinical si...

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Isolation of Candida krusei from a case of bovine bronchopneumonia in a one-year-old heifer

Department of Pathobiology, Nihon University School of Veterinary Medicine, Fujisawa, Japan.

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