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Cause of gestational diabetes


Clinical Research of the Relationship Between Free Fatty Acids and GestationalDiabetes Mellitus

Objective:To explore the relationship between free fatty acids and gestationaldiabetes mellitus in gestationaldiabetes mellitus.Methods:To measure the...

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Effect of Vitamin E and Folic Acid on Fetal Heart Apoptosis ofGestationalDiabetes Mellitus Rat

Objective This work was to investigate the effects of oral vitamin E and folic acid on the cardiomyodial apoptosis in offspring of an experimental model...

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react-text: 122 Maternal obesity is associated with a high risk for gestationaldiabetes mellitus (GDM), which is a common complication of pregnancy. The influence of maternal obesity and GDM on the metabolic health of the offspring i...

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The Progression of the Study on the Related Onset Factors ofGestationalDiabetes Mellitus

Gestationaldiabetes mellitus(GDM) is a kind of disease which can cause serious damage to the maternal and child health. Its pathogenesis is not clear a...

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Effect ofgestationaldiabetes mellitus on immunoglobulins and complements in neonates

Objective:To explore the effect ofgestationaldiabetes mellitus(GDM) on immunoglobulins(IgG,IgA,and IgM) and complements(C3 and C4) in neonates.Methods...

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Effect ofgestationaldiabetes mellitus on blood glucose,insulin,insulin-like growth factor Ⅰ in neonates

Objective:To explore the effect ofgestationaldiabetes mellitus on blood glucose, insulin, insulin-like growth factor (IGF)Ⅰ in neonate.Methods:The bl...

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Association of physical activity with GD (GestationalDiabetes Mellitus)

Background: GestationalDiabetes Mellitus is a medical problem that develops during pregnancy and results in various maternal and neonatal complications. There is no single evident causeof maternal hyperglycemia. Patient with GDM pre...

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Meta-analysis of partial relevant factors ofgestationaldiabetes mellitus

Objective:To evaluate the relationship between some of the relevant factors and gestationaldiabetes mellitus(GDM).Methods:The references between 1995 t...

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A comparative study of cytokine levels in the cord blood of women with and without gestationaldiabetes mellitus

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The Effect ofGestationalDiabetes Mellitus on Mother Son and Intervention Analysis

Objective To investigate the effect ofgestationaldiabetes mellitus on mother and infant,the actual cause,in order to find the countermeasures.Methods ...

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