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More Square Than Campy 'Cry-Baby'

Read the full-text online article and more details about "More Square Than Campy 'Cry-Baby'" by Wren, Celia - Commonweal, Vol. 135, Issue 11, June 6, 2008... In Cry-Baby the movie, the Drapes are downright icky--the women sporting gr...

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Paralysis and Muscular Weakness

Hyperthyroidism (sweaty, proximal myopathy)Porphyria (nausea, abdominal colic, sweating) Botulism (dry mouth, diplopia, dysphagia)Syphilis (rash, sexually transmitted, various symptoms) See also Facial Weakness; Floppy Baby; Optic Par...

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Babies, Babies, Babies

The article focuses on children of lesbian parents. Two lesbians gave birth to a baby girl called Lesbian Baby One. The baby was was incredibly sweet and she did not cry when the author got her sweaty mitts on the baby. The author is ...

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Baby greens harvester

A baby greens harvester (10) for the harvesting of small salad vegetables known as baby greens (55). The baby greens harvester (10) has a chassis (12) with a packaging bed (18) thereon. A cutter/conveyor assembly (30) is affixed to th...

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BARROOM WORKOUT; Twice-Weekly Zumba Classes Create Sweaty Atmosphere at Way out Club

The wiggling, jiggling, whirling and stomping at the Way Out Club on a recent evening had nothing to do with Ekkomouse, Thunder Kittens or any of the other rock, punk and alternative bands that play there.

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Parents of non-sweatingbaby boy seek help to cool him down

Parents of non-sweatingbaby boy seek help to cool him downHe Na...

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Cinema: My Baby's a Boring Old Alien

The film scared the living daylights out of us, not just because of the handful of scenes in which the crustaceoid of the title leapt out of the darkness - or John Hurt's stomach - but because of the terrifying, foul-mouthed, sweaty g...

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Fussiness In Babies

Fever in children can provoke tremendous anxiety in parents. Children with fever are hot, sweaty, flushed, and fussy. In healthy children, however, fevers rarely indicate serious illness. In fact, fever is a way your child's body actu...

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Index Of Suspicion In The Nursery: Case 1: My Baby is Sweating When She Eats Case 2: Abdominal Distension and Jaundice in a 10-day-o...

A 28-day-old girl is admitted to the hospital after her mother noticed the sudden onset of two episodes of excessive sweating lasting less than 5 minutes and associated with cold extremities and pallor when the infant was feeding. Eac...

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一种汗湿报警的婴儿衣服 One kind of sweaty alarm baby clothes

本发明提供了一种汗湿报警的婴儿衣服,包括衣服本体(1)、传感器(2)和报警器(3),所述传感器(2)设于衣服本体(1)背部内侧,所述报警器(3)设于衣服本体(1)一侧边,所述传感器(2)和报警器(3)通过导线连接。 The present invention provides an alarm sweaty ba...

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