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Causes erosive gastritis



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Chronic erosivegastritis.

Tan-Ngarm trong D, Hitanant S, Amnuay VT, Supcharoen S, Chantarakul N, Viranuvatti V.

Stars: 33 Updated: February 20th,2018

ErosiveGastritis and Portal Hypertension

There is conflicting evidence concerning the effects of portal hypertension on the gastric mucosa. This paper summarises the histological and haemodynam...

Stars: 52 Updated: February 20th,2018

Chronic erosivegastritis on morphological analysis

Abstract The present study was carried out to systematize the histopathological markers of chronic erosivegastritis referred to also as gastritis vario...

Stars: 65 Updated: February 20th,2018

Stress ulcer and erosivegastritis—Introduction

Because of its accuracy, the early employment of diagnostic endoscopy in individuals with clinically overt upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage has become a widespread, almost routine, practice in the United States and elsewhere, even th...

Stars: 62 Updated: February 20th,2018

Gastritis varioliformis. Chronic erosivegastritis with protein-losing gastropathy

A patient with chronic erosivegastritis and protein-losing gastropathy is reported. Presentation was with weight loss and abdominal discomfort. There w...

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Erosivegastritis of varioliform type

react-text: 264 Autoptic observations made by Konjetzny (1925) and by Gubergritz and Tchaycha (1936) provided evidence of the possible contemporaneous presence of gastritis and of duodenitis. Subsequent studies showed the frequent ass...

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[Gastric secretion in chronic erosivegastritis]

In 50 patients with erosivegastritis the basic and the post-pentagastrin secretion of hydrochloric acid or glycoproteids has been studied. The results obtained have been compared with that in healthy subjects. No significant differen...

Stars: 61 Updated: February 20th,2018

Helicobacter pylori infection and erosivegastritis.

Abstract One hundred and eleven patients were included in the study. Thirty seven had erosivegastritis, thirty four chronic gastritis and forty were co...

Stars: 66 Updated: February 20th,2018

Survey Of Haemorrhagic ErosiveGastritis

Fluorescent-antibody studies in 22 patients out of a total of 40 cases of acute erosivegastritis showed no antibodies to gastric parietal cells. Hence erosivegastritis seems unlikely to be an autoimmune phenomenon. In this series 57...

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