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Center consoles for trucks



A centerconsolefor vehicles including a first half formed of a first material and a second half formed of a second material. The first and second halves joined directly with each other. The first half includes a first side panel ext...

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Cable activated latch pawl for floor console armrest

An armrest assembly for pivotable attachment to a vehicle floor console includes a first sliding armrest having a latch, a second sliding armrest having a latch, a console pawl for engagement with a p... In general, four types of cen...

Stars: 68 Updated: February 24th,2018

Console assembly for a vehicle

A vehicle interior assembly includes: a centerconsole having front and rear terminal ends defining a longitudinal axis; and a sliding portion slidingly engaging the rear terminal end of the console such that the sliding portion is op...

Stars: 39 Updated: February 24th,2018

Removable console assembly for a motor vehicle

6152514 Resilient consolefor a passenger vehicle 2000-11-28 McLellen 296/37.8 6135529 Multi-position sliding center ... 1. A removable console assembly for a motor vehicle having a floor, the removable console assembly comprising: a...

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Protective covers for drivers and vehicle passengers

However, such bibs do not address all the problems associated with eating and drinking in automobiles, trucks or other vehicles. For example, the centerconsole to the side of the driver in many vehicles now include cup holders which...

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Modular electronic systems for vehicles

Modular electronic system for vehicle dashboards, interior roofs, and centerconsoles that includes a sleeve or frame adapted to engage with the vehicle and integrate with a housing adapted to be mated with the sleeve or frame. The sl...

Stars: 51 Updated: February 24th,2018

Article reception device for vehicles

More particularly, disclosed herein is an article reception device for motor vehicles for being interposed between, for instance, a vehicle seat and a centerconsole to catch and ... Modern automobiles and trucks typically have a fron...

Stars: 48 Updated: February 24th,2018

Universal adjustable vehicle center arm rest assembly

In addition trucks of all sizes have the same problems. Accordingly, there is a need in the art for a simple, easily manufactured, ergonomic, universal center arm rest that is both stable and vertically and horizontally adjustable to...

Stars: 69 Updated: February 24th,2018

Automobile accessory and method

Multiple embodiments of an automobile accessory comprising an envelope that fits between the centerconsole of an automobile and either the front driver's seat, or the front passenger's seat, for catching items that would otherwise en...

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Centerconsolefor a truck vehicle

Centerconsolefor a truck vehicleChris Isamu ItoChristian Michael HardinJohn Ho SongRobert P. ScottBenjamin Anthony KuzmiczMitchell E. AuerbachStephen C. Aris...

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