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Vigilance of kit foxes at water sources: A test of competing hypotheses for a solitary carnivore subject to predation

Frequent visitation by prey to fewer water sources results in predators focusing on these areas for hunting (de Boer et al., 2010; Valeix et al., 2010). Den- sity of water ...References Adams, J.L., Camelio, K.W., Orique, M.J., Blumst...

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An Evolution of Scientific Mixed Gas Diving Procedures at the National Park Service Submerged Resources Center

Conscious efforts were taken to keep all of the divers adequately hydrated, including providing drinking water in Camelback bags at the decompression stages. A triangular shaped ... emplacement of mooring blocks and sub-surface naviga...

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Potential Role of Sabkhas in Egypt: An Overview

ICARDA (1997) Annual Report: International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), Aleppo, Syria ... Khedr A A, Zahran M A (2002) The salt marsh visitation of lake Bardawil, North Sinai, an overview. Proceedings ...

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Festival Tourism in Saudi Arabia: A Study of Image and Motivation of Participating in Janadriyah Festival

to share same motives in attending these events and try to know about other culture and background (Lee et al, 2004)...Tourists can see camel races, camel riding, falcons, horse racing and endurance, folk poetry, popular market, arts ...

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Obligate mutualism between Trollius europaeus and its seed-parasite pollinators Chiastocheta flies in the Alps

Seed set oteach flower was calcu- lated as the number of seeds per camel dividrd hy the mean numhcr of ovules L)er carpel in the population and given as a percentage. under ...There was also a significant dif- ference in the mean numb...

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Mating strategies and pollen limitation in a globally threatened perennial Polemonium vanbruntiae

We determined whether insect visitation rates and number of open flowers in 2004 differed significantly between popula- tions...Abbreviations refer to study sites located in Addison County, Vermont: AP, Abbey Pond; BB, Blue Banks; CHS...

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Vegetation changes in the Red Sea Hills: from mist oasis to arid shrub

(multiple species of livestock: cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys, camels) that maintained a regular migration route through...2010. How important is plot relocation accuracy when inter- preting re-visitation studies of vegetation change?...

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Ultraviolet Radiation Sensitivity in Cave Bacteria: Evidence of Adaptation to the Subsurface?

Finally, samples were collected from areas three meters from the trail to minimize impact from the limited visitation that...Grant Number 1P20RR18754 from the Institute Development Award (IDeA) Program of the National Center for Resea...

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Overview of the conservation status of wetlands of the Northern Territory

Northern Territory (NT) is presented as a background resource and discussion paper for the development of a wetlands ... Other animal pest species include Camelus dromedarius (camel), Equus caballus (horse), Equus asinus (donkey),...

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Protecting Caves and Cave Life

Camel crickets and harvestmen may exit the cave at dusk and forage for carrion and feces in the surrounding area, but...Even a small cave may have to be protected with a strong cave gate to prevent heavy visitation and vandalism, whic...

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