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Fun, practical lunchboxes made for meal-toting adults

The article presents information on the company Aladdin's design and production of lunchboxes for adult workers. Details about Aladdin's adult lunch line and the motivations behind it are provided, along with information about the de...

Stars: 69 Updated: September 7th,2018

Firm fined for tainted lunchboxes

A Los Angeles company that sold 100,000 lead-tainted lunchboxes to the state health department last year has been ordered to pay a $10-million fine for violating California laws on toxic... 000 lead-tainted lunchboxes to the state...

Stars: 43 Updated: September 7th,2018

Intelligent lunchbox

The invention relates an intelligent lunchbox, mainly comprising a start button, containers for containing food and with open tops, a movable cover plate for controlling the opening and closing of the containers, a motor for controll...

Stars: 26 Updated: September 7th,2018

LunchBox Bonanza!

Move over, PB&J-we've got a few new favorites that take the same ol' same ol' out of packing...... LunchBox Bonanza! Magazine article By Perillo, Jennifer Working...Cities in China: Recipes for Economic Development in the Reform...

Stars: 22 Updated: September 7th,2018

Design of Injection Mold for Plastics Spare Parts of Box-Shaped of Three Surfaces Apart Each Other

Lunch-box LidInjec tion MouldSlideThe technological characteristics of the plastics...《China Plastics Industry》...

Stars: 127 Updated: September 7th,2018

Exploring bullying: an early childhood perspective from mainland China.

Ting sadly closed her lunchbox and did not touch her favorite meal. No ...2008). Exploring bullying: An early childhood perspective from mainland China...

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In China , commercial aluminum lunch-box was used to hold medical appliances such as syringes for downward displacement autoclaving in some hospitals. T...

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Thinking outside the lunchbox

EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including Thinking outside the lunchbox. Get access to over 12 million other articles!... Increase in PIA delivery prices in China; Reduction of ...

Stars: 38 Updated: September 7th,2018

Market Analysis and Prospect of Insulated LunchBox Industry in China 2015-2020

ABSTRACT 1. INTRODUCTION With people paying more attention to health and the growth of manufacturing technique, insulated lunchbox industry continues to grow in China. With foreign brands entering the Chinese market, the product qu...

Stars: 101 Updated: September 7th,2018

The aesthetics of the Japanese lunchbox

that cite the following paper: The Aesthetics of the Japanese Lunchbox栄...mean that China is considered to be a very emotional culture, apart from ...

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