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Chord inversions


Chords as spectra; harmony as timbre

It addresses the perceptual equivalence of chordinversions (root, first, second inversion of a single chord category) and the perceptual difference between different chord categories (major/minor) in terms of spectral inharmonicity r...

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A device for use by students of music which can be constructed very economically from two sheets of paper or other sheet material to provide the student with quick and easy identification of a root tone and the remaining scale tones a...

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Brain and music

Chordinversions and Neapolitan sixth chords 21 <p>2.4 Secondary dominants and double dominants 21 <p>3 Perception of Pitch and Harmony 23 <p>3.1 Context-dependent representation of pitch 23 <p>3.2 The representation of key-relatednes...

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Lounge Chords 101

Existence of diatonic chords within a seven-note scale; Types of voicings; Ways of looking triads and relationship to bass note; Movement of any possible inversion using many voicings to any other possible chord of voicing... Dominant...

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Organ circuit and method of operation

Eventually, the depressing of a plurality of keys in the accompaniment section of the keyboard of the organ will result in the player developing the necessary skills to play chords in the proper manner and in the several inversions t...

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Keyboard instrument hand coordination trainer

The invention is directed toward developing rhythm and coordination between the left and right hands in young piano students and comprises an envelope having two groups of selectively exposable strips having indicia thereon indicating...

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Method for guitar instruction

This invention concerns a business method by which improved instruction of advanced guitar playing is possible. String groupings and inversions on those string groupings are presented to the student in a way reflective of pattern, and...

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Inversion sliderule

The invention is a musical aid used to simplify the comprehension of chordinversion structure and enable the composer to more readily visualize the keyboard location and fingering of chords and their inversions used in a composition,...

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The Interval Angle: A Similarity Measure for Pitch-Class Sets

Not only can Angle measure the difference in sound of pitch-class sets of different cardinality, but a readily obtainable generalization of it can measure the difference in sound of music taking into account octave doublings, note rep...

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"CMY": an Automated Music Composing System based on the Harmonic Theory of Classical Music

In this research, we have implemented the theory of chordinversions (i.e. chords with non-tonic bass notes), and have also enabled the user to choose which rules to use in the composition process. Both of these modifications allow fo...

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