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John Edwards. Language Diversity in the Classroom.

Language Diversity in the Classroom.Timothy ReaganEdwards, J. (2010). Language diversity in the classroom. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.Edwards, J. 2010. Language diversity in the classroom. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.Edwards, J...

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Classroom communication and diversity - LEA’s communication series. Enhancing instructional practice.

Classroom Communication and Diversity: Enhancing Institutional Practice - 2004, Page 17 by Robert G. Powell, Dana Caseau. Read Classroom Communication and Diversity: Enhancing Institutional Practice now at Questia.

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Women Faculty of Color in the White Classroom: Narratives on the Pedagogical Implications of Teacher Diversity.

This book compiles narratives by women professors of color who examine their classroom experiences in predominantly white U.S. campuses, focusing on the impact of their social positions upon their classroom practices and teaching-lear...

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Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Classroom

Does It Promote Student Learning? Since passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the...

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The Diversity Video Forum: An Adjunct to Diversity Sensitivity Training in the Classroom

The purpose and format of a diversity video forum are described and its advantages as a means of promoting diversity sensitivity training are identified.

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Effective management of cultural diversity in a classroom setting

Abstract Cultural diversity has become a major issue in the United States. Issues of cultural diversity are more focused, especially in the classroom se...

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Multiple Intelligences, Problem Solving, and Diversity in the General Classroom.

ABSTRACT Classroom teaching strategies and curriculum based on the theory of multiple intelligences (Gardner, 1983), principles for differentiation to ...

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European religious education teachers' perceptions of and responses to classroomdiversity and their relationship to personal and pr...

This paper focuses on teachers of secondary level religious education in England, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway. It presents a st...

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Diversity in the Classroom: A Multicultural Approach to the Education of Young Children. by F. E. Kendall

Regardless of the racial or ethnic composition of their classrooms, teachers need to develop a multicultural classroom environment in which they: (1) te...

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Multicultural attitudes among adolescents: The role of ethnic diversity in the classroom

ABSTRACT In this study predictors of multiculturalism at the individual and classroom level are tested in a multilevel model. Previous studies attempti...

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