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Clutch cable repair kit


Design and Manufacture of Clutch Pedal Linkage with ClutchCable

An interface part is used between clutch pedal and clutchcable in Peugeot, Samand, RD and Peugeot pars. This part is consisted of two pieces. The Main ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To apply a reform to a cable type clutch used in an automobile, and double a moving stroke of a clutchcable when a clutch pedal is stepped. SOLUTION: In this cable type clutch, a clutch pedal 1 and a clutch rele...

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Clutchcable noise and vibration isolator

Clutchcable noise and vibration isolatorMark D LikichRobert P Uhlig...

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Chapter Three -- Lubrication, Maintenance And Tune-Up -- ClutchCable And Clutch Lever

The article offers step-by-step instructions for inspecting, lubricating and adjusting the clutchcable and clutch lever of Yamaha V-Star 950 motorcycles.

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Chapter Six -- Clutch And External Shift Mechanism

The article introduces chapter six of the manual for Yamaha V-Star 950 motorcycles, model 2009-2012, which describes service procedures for the right cr...

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Vapor Trails And ClutchCables

The article offers the author's insights on how to repair Honda Valkyrie and 250 Rebel motorcycles from Honda Motor Co. Ltd. He relates the case of Honda Valkyrie which was being repaired by a young mechanic at his friends' shop, wher...

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Dual clutchcable control system

In at least some implementations, a cable control system includes a spool on which a portion of a cable may be taken up and released, an input shaft coupled to the spool, and a motor coupled to the input shaft to drive the input shaft...

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Clutchcable noise and vibration isolator

A cable noise and vibration isolator arrangement for use with an actuator cable assembly having a cable core extending through an outer sheath passageway adapted to interconnect an input actuator with an actuated mechanism. A reactive...

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Orscheln World Class® ClutchCable

Orscheln World Class® ClutchCableDavid Webb...

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