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Colored shrink wrap rolls


Method of attaching a composite elastic material to an article

elastic material to heat-shrink producing puckers and shirrs in the laminate...roll arrangement 18 in a reverse-S wrap path as indicated by the rotation...Grades 1094, 3102, 6108 and 1126 are highly stable, light-colored, low ...

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Technical Barriers to Trade Under NAFTA: Harmonizing Textile Labeling

textile labels in rolls or in bulk, and other articles of passementerie having...Also, whether the fur is artificially colored or composed of pieces must be...183. Special instructions must mention any inherent tendency to shrink or ...

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Multistage draw with relaxation step

from this process has improved shrinkage and can be colored to darker does not appreciably shrink when subjected to temperatures up to near the...wrap, contacting the roll (or having a wrap angle on the roll surface) ...

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Film delivery unit for shrinkwrap packaging system and associated method

An automatic high-speed wrapping system for wrapping packages in heat sealable thermoplastic film includes a film delivery unit wherein the film is dispensed and wrapped around the packages at a high rate of speed as the packages trav...

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Myoglobin blooming agent containing shrink films, packages and methods for packaging

sectional schematic of a meat containing tray with shrink film overwrap. ...rolled rump; shank cross cuts; steak rolls; ground beef; and beef patties...However, this does not preclude either the use of colored myoglobin blooming...

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Coloring the Shells

Stars and stripes on the shrinkwrap, Red, Blue, White 鈥攖he shells are...Jesus' blood colored them red and her tears fell blue, but the coloring ...He rolls an egg to me across the table and in the Persian rites of ...

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Package for label rolls and an ink roller

Abstract of EP0838414There is disclosed a package (10) containing a series of side-by-side label rolls (11) and an ink roll package (13) positioned in a tubular opening (17) in th... shrinkwrap (14) enveloping the label rolls...

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Extendable self-supporting material

tapes and materials with colored backing, such as surgical tape and duct ...roll configuration, the tape or material extends beyond the end of the roll...laminate was mated to the shrinkwrap surface of the polyester film laminate...

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Contractors 'Shrink-Wrap' Aircraft Bound for Kuwait; Process Protects Helicopters for Voyage across Oceans

Thirty or so contractors with Lockheed Martin worked yesterday to shrinkwrap the half a dozen helicopters waiting in the port's hangar. Industrial-sized rolls of white plastic were cut to size and wrapped around the air frame of one...

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Shrink-wrap packaging of articles in plastics sheet - using positively driven guide rolls to reduce tension in sheets

Shrink-wrap packaging of articles in plastics sheet - using positively driven guide rolls to reduce tension in sheets German Patent DE2311769 Kind Code: A1 Abstract: A packaging machine for wrapping articles in sheet, esp. shrinkabl...

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