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Abstract Much research in banking assumes that the data are normally distributed. There has been little empirical confirmation of this assumption. In th...

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Predicting bank performance with financial forecasts: A case of Taiwan commercial banks

Kao C, Liu SH (2004) Predicting bank performance with financial forecasts: a case of Taiwan commercial banks. Journal of Banking and Finance 28:2353–...

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Using commercial share of wallet in financial databases

Commercial size of spending wallet (“CSoSW”) is the total business spend of a business including cash but excluding bartered items. Commercial share of wallet (“CSoW”) is the portion of the spending wallet that is captured by a pa...

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Commercial bank financial management in the financial-services industry

В книге "Институциональный подход к анализу действий финансовых посредников" авто...

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The evolution of commercial banking and financial markets in Taiwan

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A Multivariate Analysis of the Financial Characteristics of Commercial Banks in India

This study investigates the differences in the financial characteristics of public sector banks, private sector banks and foreign banks in India based o...

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Public Financial Support for Commercial Innovation

The Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Knowledge Economy Study aims to offer ECA policy makers options to increase and maintain productivity and growth by cr...

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The Financial Characteristics of Commercial Banks Involved in Interstate Acquisitions

Abstract This paper studies the financial characteristics of commercial banks involved in interstate acquisitions by using the multivariate analysis of variance and principal components analysis statistical techniques. Our results sho...

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The new product development process for commercialfinancial services

To achieve their goals, executives are increasingly reexamining their organizations' approach to development and launch of new products to determine if ...

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Performance and Financial Ratios of Commercial Banks in Malaysia and China

This study aims to investigate the impact of bank-specific factors which include the liquidity, credit, capital, operating expenses and the size of comm...

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