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Comparison of version control software


A Comprehensive Study ofSoftware Forks: Dates, Reasons and Outcomes

ofversioncontrol systems: Towards the census of...A comparisonof Linux with FreeBSD, NetBSD, and...A comprehensive study ofsoftware forks: Dates, ...

Stars: 87 Updated: September 7th,2018

Software Configuration Management Solution and Application Based on Project Management

software engineeringproject managementsoftware configuration m anagement(SCMBased ...discuss the other type ofversioncontrol mode for different kinds ...

Stars: 112 Updated: September 7th,2018

VersionControl with Git pot

VersionControl with Git, the image of a long-eared bat, and related ...A tool that manages and tracks different versionsofsoftware or other ...objects has several advantages, including very quick comparison for equality...

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On the Selection of Concurrency Control Policies for Configuration Management

Currently, the number of developers involved in a software development project is increasing because of the need to deliver systems with higher complexi...

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List ofSoftware That Uses Subversion

Software Application Comparisonof Subversion ClientsAnkhSVNPlease note that the...VersionControl Systems Mindquarry, the file sharing area provides a ...

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A Comparison and the Desireable Features ofVersionControl Tools

A Comparison and the Desireable Features ofVersionControl Toolsversion mergingversioncontrolsource codeteam software development...

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An Empirical Analysis of C Preprocessor Use

This is the first empirical study of the use of the C macro preprocessor, Cpp. To determine how the preprocessor is used in practice, this paper analyze...

Stars: 56 Updated: September 7th,2018

ComparisonofVersionControl Systems for Software Maintenance

Kevin N. Haw...

Stars: 77 Updated: September 7th,2018

Extracting New Metrics from VersionControl System for the ComparisonofSoftware Developers

Previous studies have evaluated the work done by software developers using data extracted from versioncontrol systems (VCS). However, they have focused...

Stars: 116 Updated: September 7th,2018

List of collaborative software

Knowledge to List of collaborative software and useful things ...... Comparisonof collaborative software features Comparisonof targets Open source software ...Trac, has wiki, document management, ticket system and versioncontrol sy...

Stars: 39 Updated: September 7th,2018

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