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Wire annealing furnace


Automatic Control System for Bell-type Hydrogen-rich AnnealingFurnace for Steel Wire

【CateGory Index】: TP273.5

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Heat Transfer Mechanisms and Furnace Productivity During Coil Annealing: Aluminum vs. Steel

An integrated model, incorporating heat transfer and phase transformation during industrial coil annealing of aluminum and steel has been developed and ...

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Development of a Super-large Hydrogen Bell-type AnnealingFurnace System

The heat treatment process,equipment structure and system for the super-large coiled wire and rod hydrogen bell-type annealingfurnace were developed by...

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Development of Wire Coil AnnealingFurnace for Speciality Steel

Development of Wire Coil AnnealingFurnace for Speciality Steel EGUCHI Isamu Tetsu- to- Hagane 71(8), 925-933, 1985-06-01

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Wire-annealingfurnace United States Patent 1674407 Inventors: Manker, Forrest W. Application Number: US9336526A Publication Date: 06/19/1928 Filing Date: 03/09/1926 Export Citation: Click for automatic bibliography generation ...

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Hood-type annealingfurnace, especially for steel strip and wire bunches

The invention describes a hood-type annealingfurnace, especially for steel strip or wire bunches, with an annealing base (1) for receiving the material (7) to be annealed, a protective hood (8) which is placed on the furnace in a gas...

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Numerical modelling of heat transfer in a tube furnace for steel wireannealing

In order to relieve stresses from cold drawing and to regain ductility, steel wires are annealed in furnaces under prolonged exposure to an appropriate temperature termed as ‘soaking’. This ensures the attainment of the required pro...

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Self-Integration of Strong Convection Bell-Type AnnealingFurnace

The self-integrating course of special steel wire coils annealing strong convection bell-type annealingfurnace is introduced,and the main furnace data,...

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Annealing Quality and Atmosphere Control for Wholesale Furnace for the Use of Steel WireAnnealing

Semi continuous roller hearth type furnace referred to as STC furnace used for steel wire and rood coils annealing in process of cold heading and cold e...

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Performance of a bell annealingfurnace for wires and rods using low hydrogen, low dew point atmosphere

Abstract A study is conducted to evaluate performance of the annealing equipment and atmosphere system for steel rod coils. The performance criteria includes measurements of depth of free ferrite, decarburization, percentage spheroidi...

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