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Cortical margin definition


Calcaneal abnormalities and erosive bone disease associated with sickle cell anemia

Loss of definition of the corticalmargin in the superior aspect of the calcaneus appears to be erosive in nature. It has not been observed previously and may be pathognomonic for sickle cell anemia. Arthrographic and gross pathologic...

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Loss of fixation of the volar lunate facet fragment in fractures of the distal part of the radius.

while the distal metaphyseal flare of the radius is flat and accommodates standard implants ef- fectively, the very distal corticalmargin is not the same when viewed in axial ...Radiographic definition of the dorsal and palmar edges...

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Optimized fusion for image guided ultrasound resection of cortical and subcortical tumors

In 7 of these difficult 9 patients and the 13 other patients a gray-scale to green-scale fusion delivered highly optimized images that contributed to the (1) tumor margindefinition... Gray-scale to green-scale fusion offers additiona...

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Intraoperative determination and display of cortical function

One of the most important issues in neurosurgical lesion resection is margindefinition. And while there is still some effort required to exactly determ...

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CorticalMargining Capabilities of Fins Associated with Ventral Cervical Spine Instrumentation

Fins incorporated into the design of a dynamic cervical spine implant have been employed to enhance axial load-bearing ability, yet their true biomechan...

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Research diagnostic criteria for temporomandibular disorders ( RDC/TMD ): development of image analysis criteria and examiner reliab...

have indicated that flattened eminence is related to OA of TMJ; however, they did not indicate if such flattening was associated with erosion of the corticalmargin.41 When the ...Finally, future research should attempt to improve the...

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Chest x-rays as a diagnostic tool for diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis

3. Syrnmetrical and peripheral enthesopathy involving the posterior heel, superior patella or olecranon, with entheseal new bone having a well-defined corticalmargine Il Categories ...Sorne changes consistent with a patient 1 sage, s...

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[Modifications of response of the cerebral corticalmargin in cats following local strychnine treatment]

No abstract available.

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Computed tomography of the normal sternum.

Angulation of the CT gantry to a position more nearly perpendicular to the manubrium improved the definition of the corticalmargins. The body of the sternum was ovoid to rectangular and usually had sharp corticalmargins. Sections th...

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Diagnosis of osteoporosis from dental panoramic radiographs using the support vector machine method in a computer-aided system

The Adult Health Study cohort in Japan [18] reported that the cut-off BMD value of osteoporosis in the lumbar spine that was based on the Japanese definition [19] (less than 70...The corticalmargins were finally obtained as the envel...

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