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Guerrillas ‘infiltrate’ Colombian universities

Police said the students were killed by their own homemade bombs and influenced by guerrillas, writes Arron Daugherty for Colombia Reports. Navarro told RCN Radio that “the events ... Post code / Zip code * Country * Organisation / i...

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Cournot's model applied to cellphone service in Colombia, 1995‐2001

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to develop and empirically test the conditions that describe adjustment velocities to reach equilibrium under Co...

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Latin Sound Machine (Trio, 4. 5 or 6pc Band)

ZIP/Postal Code: 0057 State/Province: Santander Country: COLOMBIA Cell. Phone: +57 3044538871 Website: Skype: lsm_diego Added: Aug 19, 2010 Last update: Nov 9, 2015 Last logged: Jun 2, 2016 More About The...

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Colombia : Country Financial Accountability Assessment

Phone: (202) 477-1234Email: Web page: https://openknowledge.worldbank.orgMore information through EDIRC important Fiscal Transparency and Responsibility Law in 2003, and strengthened the disciplinary code for public servants...

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Investigación participativa en sistemas silvopastoriles integrados: la experiencia de CIPAV en Colombia

In Colombia, the vast majority of agricultural land is owned and farmed by rich farmers. Subsistence farmers have access to only about 10% of the land area and so need to produce in an increasingly intensive way. CIPAV, together with ...

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Falling Kidnapping Rates and the Expansion of Mobile Phones in Colombia

This paper tries to explain why kidnapping has fallen so dramatically in Colombia during the period 2000-2008. The widely held belief is that the fallin...

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Bad Press: Colombia's mortal threat to journalism

Colombia's human rights abuses, according to Human Rights Watch. The Colombian Defense Ministry reports that rightist paramilitaries carried out three-fourths of the country's massacres ...He handed the phone to Garzón, who pleaded w...

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Phone number format suggestion

In general, phone number formats typically vary from one country to another. For example, in the U.S. a phone number may have the format of a 3 digit area code followed by ...In Colombia, for example, calling a land line number from ...

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Taxonomy and distribution of epilithic diatoms reported for the first time in Colombia. I.

This work was carried under the project for developing a biological water quality index for rivers of lowland waters of Colombia based on aquatic biological communities. A total of 165 sites were sampled considering the hidrogeomorpho...

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