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Crystal jellyfish


Jellyfishcrystal jelly and processing method thereof

The objective of the invention is to provide a jellyfishcrystal jelly and a processing method thereof, aiming at the problems that jellyfish self is easy to corrupt and deteriorate, the processing method is single, and jellyfish prod...

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Princess Grace and the Jellyfish

The article reviews the book "Princess Grace and the Jellyfish," by Jane Moseley.

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A technics for preparing hydrolytic collagen albumen taking twilight colours jellyfish as raw material

ABSTRACT The external appearance of a crystal of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), usually referred to as a crystal habit, has a substantial impact on the API’s physicochemical and physiochemical properties and, subsequen...

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Bioluminescence resonance energy transfer from aequorin to a fluorophore: an artificial jellyfish for applications in multianalyte d...

from aequorin to the fluorophore thus creating an “artificial jellyfish”. ...By examining the X-ray crystal structure of the protein, four different ...

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Detection of Jellyfish using Acoustic Sensor

Publication » Detection of Jellyfish using Acoustic Sensor.... crystal balls jellyfish detection jellyfish species optical sensor sensors offer detection solution target strength Similar Publications Climate-change impact on th...

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Learning from real and tissue-engineered jellyfish: How to design and build a muscle-powered pump at intermediate Reynolds numbers

Tissue-engineered devices promise to advance medical implants, aquatic robots and experimental platforms for tissue-fluid interactions. The design, fabrication and systematic improvement of tissue constructs, however, is challenging b...

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Jellyfish-Shaped Amphiphilic Dendrimers: Synthesis and Formation of Extremely Uniform Aggregates

Crystal Growth & Design E Energy & Fuels Environmental Science & Technology...Shen, "Jellyfish-shaped amphiphilic dendrimers: synthesis and formation ...

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Abstract Wild-caught crystaljellyfish (Aequorea victoria) arrived at the John G. Shedd Aquarium infested with hyperiid amphipods (Hyperia medusarum), w...

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A "jellyfish" shaped green emitting gallium(III)-containing metallomesogen

The synthesis of the first gallium(iii)-based liquid crystal has been achieved grafting around the metal centre two chelating 2-methylquinolin-8-olate anions and one monodentate 3,4,5-tris(hexadecyloxy)benzoyloxy ligand, allowing the ...

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O2 and CO binding to "jellyfish" type iron(II) porphyrins

O2 and CO binding to "jellyfish" type iron(II) porphyrins on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.... The syntheses of "jellyfish" type iron(II) porphyrins and...and the changes in the crystal field parameters are al...

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