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Cuboid mini atomizer


Two-way nozzle cap

Pat. No. 4,093,124 discloses an atomizer with air inlet valve, comprising a tip with two side ducts connecting the atomization chamber to the interior of the container so that ...Moreover, the shape of the protrusions 32 may be hemisp...

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Illuminated surgical instrument

describes a humidifier in which the water supplied from a tank is conveyed through a sterilizing chamber before being conveyed by a pipe to a chamber containing an ultrasonic atomizer....Each catch 52 is generally cuboid in shape. The...

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Reactor for producing C 2 - to C 8 - olefins from a material flow containing oxygenate, water vapor and one or more hydrocarbons

In an embodiment of the invention, the atomizer system installed in each case between two adjacent reaction stages consists of mirror-image arranged nozzle tubes closed at the end ... An optimal cooling effect can be achieved by mean...

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Inhalation device for use in aerosol therapy

20100044460 ULTRASOUND LIQUID ATOMIZER 2010-02-25 Kobayashi et al. 20090095292 INGESTA ADMINISTRATION DEVICE 2009-04-16 Hamano et al. 20080163869 Inhaling Apparatus And Liquid Agent ...The base unit (100) is roughly shaped like a fla...

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Device for generating a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP device)

Arranged on both sides of the cuboid there are tabs 160, 170 which can be secured on the patient's head by means of a tape or corresponding means which can be guided through ...and is used for introduction of a medicament flow M direc...

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Coating apparatus

3. The coating apparatus of claim 1, wherein the atomizing element comprises at least one ultrasonic atomizer, the at least one pipe comprises two first pipes and a second pipe, ...In alternative embodiments, the substrate 300 may ha...

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Polymerization reactor and polymerization process

Also commonly used is the so-called rotary atomizer which causes the reaction mixture to form small droplets by feeding it onto a fast rotating plate. Where the reaction mixture is ...Alternatively the jacket means may be a cuboid or ...

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Package system

So-called "bag-in-a-box" package systems are also known that comprise a flexible cuboid plastic container filled with a liquid and disposed in a support carton (cf. e.g. FR-...For example more or less elaborate dosing means, atomizer...

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Self-arranging coating

10 ml of a two percent strength by weight alcoholic complex solution are applied uniformly to a 200×200 mm aluminum panel using a laboratory atomizer (Aldrich) under a pressure of... The experimental setup consists of a 20 cm diamet...

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Resonant chamber atomizer for liquids

The present invention relates to a resonant chamber atomizer for liquids. The atomizer possesses supply lines for the atomizing gas and the liquid to be atomized as well as an outflow chamber for the mixture of gas and atomized liquid...

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