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DavidBowie: Dance, Theatre, Other

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:  html_title  DavidBowie Dance, Theatre, Other  /html_title  Annie-B Parson (bio) I was just ...As I started to create material for Lazarus , I realized Bowie is not ...

Stars: 43 Updated: February 25th,2018

Lazarus, la chanson testament de DavidBowie

Lazarus, la chanson testament de DavidBowieArnaud Mouillard...

Stars: 56 Updated: February 25th,2018

Review: DavidBowie classics propel imaginative 'Lazarus'


Stars: 83 Updated: February 25th,2018

‘Skull designs upon my shoes’: DavidBowie Fans in the Media Mirror

‘Skull designs upon my shoes’: DavidBowie Fans in the Media MirrorThe day Stephen Shapiro’s photographic study Bowie (2016) was published, I hastily took a snap to promote my...Who Fell to Earth (Roeg, 1976) is a cipher for these ...

Stars: 91 Updated: February 25th,2018

Lazarus Rises: Storying the Self in the Migrant Fandom of DavidBowie

Lazarus Rises: Storying the Self in the Migrant Fandom of DavidBowieIn this article we focus upon the ways that “migrants” in Melbourne have used DavidBowie to story and make...“story” their own responses, in an attempt to get b...

Stars: 88 Updated: February 25th,2018

DavidBowieMusical Becomes a Memorial

NEW YORK - A performance of DavidBowie's trippy, melancholymusical "Lazarus" turned into a...

Stars: 47 Updated: February 25th,2018

DavidBowie's 'Lazarus' to Rise on New York Stage


Stars: 78 Updated: February 25th,2018

DavidBowie's 'Lazarus' Short to Screen in VR at V&A Performance Festival


Stars: 114 Updated: February 25th,2018

Bringing Lazarus to Life

The article presents "Lazarus" musical director Ivo van Hove's reflections on his initial meeting with rock idol DavidBowie, who would become his colleague in the musical, cites Bowie's songs used in the musical, and talks about the ...

Stars: 31 Updated: February 25th,2018

Theatre: Lazarus; Bits of Me Are Falling Apart

One of DavidBowie's last works, Lazarus , is a musical based on Walter Tevis's novel The Man Who...

Stars: 60 Updated: February 25th,2018

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