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On the Malleability of Bitcoin Transactions

http://​www.​cs.​technion.​ac.​il/​7Eidddo/​cointossBitcoin.​pdf 6. Bentov, I., Kumaresan, R.: How to use bitcoin to design fair protocols. In: ...http://​github.​com/​bitcoin/​bips/​blob/​master/​bip-0062.​mediawiki...

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Interjections in Ancient Greek theater: semantic and pragmatic study

wiki pinterest Prospective students Open days and introduction Bachelor's degree programmes Master's degree programmes Teacher Education Scholierenacademie (Dutch) Summer Schools Honours College PhD programmes Life-long lea...

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Biological Complexity Meets Positive Psychology: What Can Complexity Theory Tell Us About Positive Psychology?

(2011) http://​en.​wikipedia.​org/​wiki/​Hysteresis. Accessed 29 Nov 2011. Iannaccone, P. M., & Khokha, M. (1996). Fractal geometry in biological systems: An ...G., Boncoddo, R. A., Magnusun, J. S., & Dixon, J. A. (2009). The dyn...

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KAT-7 Science Verification: Using HI Observations of NGC 3109 to Understand its Kinematics and Mass Distribution

(Field Programmed Gate Array)-based, flexible packe- tised correlator using the Reconfigurable Open Architecture Computing Hardware (ROACH:, which...(Navarro, Frenk & White 1997) Irregular (dIrr...

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Efficient snapshot retrieval over historical graph data

1. GraphPool is an in-memory data structure that can store multi- ple graphs together in a compact way by overlaying the graphs 8 9http:... includ- ing developing improved DeltaGraph constructio...

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Infra-estrutura para gerenciamento de reputação de usuários e sua aplicação em um caso real

A infra-estrutura proposta permite a criação e administração de um sistema de reputação, o qual integra-se com um ambiente wiki disponibilizando assim a alteração de todas as entidades do sistema. Cada alteração efetuada pas...

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Present Condition of Road Traffic Accident: A Case Study of Rajshahi City, Bangladesh

Bhadra Road beginning from Talaimari to Bhadra More which has accident frequency 2, Binodpur Bazar road which occupy from Chowddo-pai to Kajla Gate which has accident frequency 4, ...Retrieved December 12, 2014 from the Wikipedia: htt...

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Breaking down market barriers for small and mid-sized organic growers

Internet site: (Accessed February 15, 2015).Cantor A, Strochlic R (2009) Breaking down market barriers for 1306. Acces...

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Molecular mechanisms of Tetranychus urticae chemical adaptation in hop fields

The two-spotted spider mite,Tetranychus urticaeKoch is a major pest that feeds on >1,100 plant species. Many perennial crops including hop (Humulus lupulus) are routinely plagued byT. urticaeinfestations. Hop is a specialty crop in Pa...

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Indicator-based recommendation system

Retrieved from:—tail. Luby, Michael G., et al., “Improved Low-Density Parity-Check Codes Using Irregular Graphs and Belief Propagation”, In ...Traditional vector-based text retrieval [Sal91], as t...

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