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Knee arthrocentesis procedure note template


Arthrocentesis: the latest on joint pain relief.

Arthrocentesis is a procedure in the diagnostic workup and treatment of joint pain that has few complications. Analysis of joint fluid yields important ...

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Educational quality of YouTube videos on kneearthrocentesis

Background: Kneearthrocentesis is a commonly performed diagnostic and therapeutic procedure in rheumatology and orthopedic surgery. Classic teaching of...

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SAT0588 Educational Quality of KneeArthrocentesis Videos on Youtube

BackgroundKneearthrocentesis is a commonly performed diagnostic and therapeutic procedure in rheumatology and orthopedic surgery. Classic teaching of a...

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Modification of single puncture arthrocentesis- a technical note

Abstract Arthrocentesis is a simple conservative surgical procedure with minimal invasion performed to flush the inflammed TMJ. This treatment modality has been well in practice since over two decades now. Recently, the concept of sin...

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Tap that Knee! Basics of Arthrocentesis

emergency physicians and advanced practitioners can complete this procedure at the bedside, we suggest contacting the  surgeon involved for post-op patients before starting arthrocentesis....Note: The medial approach is typically the...

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Comparison of ultrasound-guided and standard landmark techniques for kneearthrocentesis

Comparison of ultrasound-guided and standard landmark techniques for kneearthrocentesis.ultrasoundarthrocentesisknee tapjoint aspirationBackground: Ultrasound is a useful adjunct to many ...pain for the patient, takes no additional t...

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Does ultrasound guidance improve the outcomes of arthrocentesis and corticosteroid injection of the knee?

The present randomized controlled trial compared arthrocentesis of the effusive knee followed by corticosteroid injection performed by the conventional anatomic landmark palpation-guided technique to the same procedure performed with ...

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Hybrid Simulation for KneeArthrocentesis: Improving Fidelity in Procedures Training

Hybrid simulation for kneearthrocentesis: improving fidelity in procedures training. J Gen Intern Med. 2013; 28 (5):723-727...

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Conformity of behaviors among medical students: impact on performance of kneearthrocentesis in simulation

This study demonstrates incorrect performance of the kneearthrocentesisprocedure in simulation when students use a damaged model, which may be due to conformity. It suggests that further research on the impact of conformity in medic...

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Arthrocentesis of the Knee

The article focuses on the clinical procedurearthrocentesis. It is indicated to rule out septic arthritis in individuals presenting with a single or several inflamed joints. It can also be used to extricate between crystal arthropath...

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