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Description of a as a pharmacist


Descriptionof an academic teaching rotation for postgraduate year 1 pharmacy residents

Abstract PURPOSE: An elective rotation specifically designed to prepare postgraduate year 1 (PGY1) pharmacy residents for careers in academia is describ...

Stars: 112 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Descriptionof the characteristics ofpharmacist-based immunization services in North Carolina: Results ofapharmacist survey

OBJECTIVES: To describe the characteristics ofpharmacist immunizers and pharmacist-based immunization services in North Carolina based on immunizing ph...

Stars: 159 Updated: February 23rd,2018

PharmacistCARE: descriptionofapharmacist care service and lessons learned along the way

OBJECTIVE: To describe the PharmacistCARE program, an innovative pharmacy practice model implemented within a self-insured employer and to describe less...

Stars: 113 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Cost Outcome Descriptionof Clinical Pharmacy in a University Teaching Hospital

Abstract BACKGROUND: Pharmacist interventions are one of the pivotal parts ofa clinical pharmacy service within a hospital. This study estimates the co...

Stars: 101 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Descriptionofa clinical pharmacist intervention administered to primary care patients with depression

The objective of this article is to provide a detailed descriptionof interactions between patients with depression and pharmacists. Analysis was conduc...

Stars: 131 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Descriptionofpharmacist interventions during physician-pharmacist co-management of hypertension.

Objective The aim of this study is to describe recommendations made by clinical pharmacists when co-managing hypertension with physicians. Setting Two...

Stars: 125 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Cost-outcome descriptionof clinical pharmacist interventions in a university teaching hospital

Background Pharmacist interventions are one of the pivotal parts ofa clinical pharmacy service within a hospital. This study estimates the cost avoida...

Stars: 122 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Providing drug injectors with easier access to sterile injecting equipment: adescriptionofapharmacy based scheme

Abstract In this short paper we describe the operation ofapharmacy-based scheme operating in Glasgow to provide injecting drug users with sterile inje...

Stars: 146 Updated: February 23rd,2018

ADescriptionof the European Pharmacy Education and Training Quality Assurance Project

The European Union directive on sectoral professions emphasizes the fact that pharmacists working in member states should possess the competences requir...

Stars: 111 Updated: February 23rd,2018

Implementation of ward-based clinical pharmacy services in Belgium--descriptionof the impact on a geriatric unit

Involving a trained clinical pharmacist in a geriatric team led to clinically relevant and well-accepted optimization of medicine use. This initiative may be a springboard for further ...Spinewine A, Dhillon S, Mallet L, Tulkens PM, ...

Stars: 146 Updated: February 23rd,2018

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