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Developmental aphasia in children


Auditory Agnosia inChildren

Adult cases have been extensively studied but pediatric cases have rarely been reported because the residual hearing of these patients is not well documented from developmental and ... (1971) An unusual form of acquired aphasiain chi...

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Language development and aphasiainchildren : new essays and a translation of "Kindersprache und Aphasie" by Emil Fröschels

Language development and aphasiainchildren : new essays and a translation of "Kindersprache und Aphasie" by Emil Fröschels edited by R.W. Rieber (Perspectives in neurolinguistics, neuropsychology, and psycholinguistics) Academic Pr...

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Language Impairment in Autistic Children.

The speech patterns of autistic children, including echolalia, pronomial reversal, silent language, and voice imitation, are described. The clinical picture of the autistic child is compared to that of children with such other disorde...

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Ocular Dominance in Relation to DevelopmentalAphasia.

This short monograph is one of the publications of the W. H. Ross Foundation for the Study of Prevention of Blindness. MacMeeken concludes from the examination of 383 children 3 years of age that a significant percentage (8 to 10 per ...

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Quality-of-Life Measures inChildren With Neurological Conditions: Pediatric Neuro-QOL

Abstract BACKGROUND: A comprehensive, reliable, and valid measurement system is needed to monitor changes inchildren with neurological conditions who e...

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Front Matter - Language Development and AphasiainChildren

Language Development and AphasiainChildren New Essays and a Translation of Kindersprache und Aphasie by Emil Fröschels 1980, Pages iii Edited By R.W. RIEBER About ScienceDirect Contact and support Terms and conditions Privacy p...

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Language development and aphasiainchildren :

Language development and aphasiainchildren : AphasiaRieberR. WAcademic Press,...

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THE THEORY OF THE TRANSITIVE CONTENTS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - Language Development and AphasiainChildren - Chapter 2

Purpose: To describe a kinesiologic EMG method and determine the reliability of EMG activity of representative muscles of mastication (temporal, massete...

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Visual and Auditory Processing Impairments in Subtypes of Developmental Dyslexia: A Discussion

(1984). The effects of field size and luminance on contrast sensitivity differences between specifically reading disabled and normal children. Neuropsychologia22: 73-77. Martin, F., and...(1974). Developmentalaphasia: Rate of auditor...

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Acquired and developmentalaphasia — an EEG and polysomnographic study

470 inmates of the Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, were Schick tested before tonsillectomy. 325 or 69 per cent. gave positive reactions. 191 of t...

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