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Fanfictionand Webnovelas

Fanfictionand Webnovelasfan fiction, web novel digital reading of Brazilian adolescent girlsBrazilian digital natives in micro social approachchildren ...

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Fanfiction Writing and the Construction of Space.

ABSTRACT In this article, a spatial lens is used to look at a popular online culture-based writing website as a means of understanding how fan authors'...

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What Is Fanfictionand Why Are People Saying Such Nice Things about It??

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:  html_title  What Is Fanfictionand Why Are People Saying Such Nice Things about It?  /html_title  Bronwen Thomas (bio) The term fanfiction (sometim...

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Canons and Fanons: literary fanfiction online.

Fanfiction has been hailed as 'the democratic genre' (Pugh 2000), its proponents celebrated as 'textual poachers' (Jenkins 1994) who radically disrupt but also reinvigorate canonical texts. Over time, aspects of plotting and character...

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Language, Culture, and Identity in Online Fanfiction.

This article draws on constructs in second-language acquisition, literacy, cultural, and media studies as theoretical bases for examining how networked ...

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5. Fanfictionand Webnovelas

Summary This chapter contains sections titled: Brazilian Digital Natives in a Micro Social Approach Possible Secrets of Webnovelas The Structure of...

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