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The afterglow, redshift and extreme energetics of the gamma-ray burst of 23 January 1999

Almost 30 years after their discovery1, the distance scale to g-ray bursts (GRBs) was ®nally unambiguously determined just two years ago2. Thanks to precise and prompt GRB ...H., Teukolsky, S. A., Vetterling, W. T. & Flannery, B. P...

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Clone detection in automotive model-based development

al. report the discovery of numerous bugs uncovered by analysing in- consistencies between code clones in open source projects. Despite the mentioned negative consequences of cloning, the...Deissenboeck, F., Hummel, B., Ju¨rgens, E.,...

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New developments in high field electron paramagnetic resonance with applications in structural biology

suffers from a dramatic loss of RF magnetic field strength at the sample position (RF skin depth in silver at 200 ...(Lubitz and Feher 1999) and short overview articles on photosystem I (Teutloff et al 2001) and photosystem II cofact...

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Identifying regional variability in Middle Stone Age bone technology: The case of Sibudu Cave

An intense use as pegs to stake skins into a gravel matrix developed a wear pattern consisting of individual striations...The discovery of a wedge-like implement in a Sibudu pre-SB layer (Fig. 4 n. 9) confirms the presence of formal...

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Structure and U/Pb geochronology of Central Hoggar (Algeria): A reappraisal of its Pan‐African evolution

Discovery of large-scale deep-seated thrusts in Central Hoggar, with a plurifacial evolution ranging from lower amphibolite facies to upper greenschist ...

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A genome-wide association study of metabolic traits in human urine.

Joint P values of association were computed by fitting a linear model using the genotype, age and gender to the metabolic traits from the samples of SHIP-0 discovery, SHIP-0 ... Teumer A, Biffar R, Kocher T, Felix SB, Illig T, Kroemer...

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The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets - VIII. $\mu$ Arae, a system with four planets

In this letter we present the discovery of a very light planetary companion to the star mu Ara (HD160691). The planet orbits its host once every 9.5days...

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An Exploratory Chandra Survey of a Well-defined Sample of 35 Large Bright Quasar Survey Broad Absorption Line Quasars

These BAL quasars were most readily identified by eye from the LBQS discovery spectra and were therefore the first followed up with higher quality spectroscopy (e.g., WMFH; Korista...H., Teukolsky, S. A., Vetterling, W. T., & Flannery...

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Limits on Stellar and Planetary Companions in Microlensing EventOGLE-1998-BUL-14

Current microlens- ing discovery teams do not generally sample frequently or precisely enough to detect the short-lived perturba- tions caused by planets. However, since these collabo- ...1998, ApJ, 494, L219 Press, W.H., Flannery, B...

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Colloquium: Nonlinear collective interactions in quantum plasmas with degenerate electron fluids

This was the discovery of Chandrasekhar; that the pressure dependence on density changed in go- ing from nonrelativistic ...The time and space variables are in units of the elec- tron plasma period (蠅p鈭抏1) and the electron skin dep...

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