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Software Engineering Education for Bioinformatics

Lrlqirupdwlfv, I R UQ, DuroRux, XqhvRi, HsduwphqwVwhpv, QirupdwlrqDowlpruh, R I OdqgLx, RqjidqjLrvwdwlvwlfv, Hsduwphqw R IM. Umarji, C. Seaman, A. G. Koru, and H. Liu, "Software engineer- ing education for bioinformatics," in Proceedi...

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Book Reviews and Notes

Book Reviews and Notesdoi:10.1080/02549948.2000.11731351Hans van EssIrene EberUlrich LauZbigniew WesolowskiBarbara HosterClemens TreterRoderich PtakRoderich PtakGerd WädowGerd WädowMonumenta Serica: Journal of Oriental Studies...

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IN REPORTING RESULTS of his medical research and treatment of mongolism,Turkel of Detroit summarized his results as follows:

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Down syndrome with end-stage renal disease

Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic causes of learning disabilities in children. Although the incidence of renal and urological involvement ...

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Appliance door or lid

In lieu of the latter described ceramic heat-fusible medium, the media 40, 50 and 60 can instead be a urethane adhesive, such as BETASEAL® adhesives manufactured by The Dow ...Typical of such BEATASEAL® adhesives are identified und...

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Comparisons of ground level measurements of ion concentration and potential gradient upwind and downwind of HV power lines in corona

Simultaneous ion concentration and potential gradient measurements were made at AC high voltage power lines using ion mobility spectrometers and electri...

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(3a) B10C2H12+hv→[B10C2H12]+ (3b) [B10C2H12]+→[B10C2H10]+H2+ A similar effect was observed for the vacuum ultraviolet (8.4 eV) exposure of B10C2Hx films in the ...Surf Sci. 2004, 572, 418. (52) Bao, R.; Chrisey, D., B. Thin Sol...

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Rare-earth boride thin film system

"The Deposition of Metallic and Non-Metallic Thin Films Through the Use of Boron Clusters", Zhang, Kim, Dowben & ...Phys. Lett., 39(5), 418 (September 1981). Selective area deposition of complex compound material films from solution...

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Embeddings into P(N)/fin and extension of automorphisms

Given a Boolean algebra B and an embedding e:B -> P(N)/fin we consider the possibility of extending each or some automorphism of B to the whole P(N)/fin...

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Basal topographic controls on rapid retreat of Humboldt Glacier, northern Greenland

(W): 2 @ @x  Hv  @u @x À Nu 1=m þ H W  5u 1=n 2AWflat ¼ igH @S @x ð2Þ ...Nature Geosci., 7(6), 418–422 (doi: 10.1038/ ngeo2167) Motyka RJ, Truffer M, Fahnestock M, Mortensen J, Rys...Carr JR, Vieli A, Stokes CR, Jamieson ...

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